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  1. Default Denton, TX to Washington D.C. - 23 year old novice road tripper

    Hi everyone!

    My son is driving up to D.C. to spend 6 weeks helping his sister out (a paid job). He has never taken a long road trip before by himself, so I thought it would be nice to get some common sense suggestions regarding routes, maximum drive hours per day, the best way to approach D.C. and safety concerns that perhaps are more recent. It's going to be a fun but rather daunting experience for him, I think. When I was his age, I thought nothing of driving 13 hours in my VW Bug (by myself). But times have changed. And now that I'm a Mom....I realize everything that can go wrong! One other question is....having a car in D.C. Is it a good thing? (they have parking for the car and they can go exploring on the weekends out to VA, etc.) I have always appreciated the information and advice people are so willing to share here at RTA. Thanks!

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    At almost 1500 miles, this would be a comfortable and enjoyable three day trip. He could choose one of several routes depending on his interests. As for approaching DC, yeah, it's a busy place. But I guess it all depends on the location in which your daughter lives. He's not going to want to drive from one side of the city to the other.

    What a lucky young man to have such a sensible mother. And yeah! believe me, at 43 you will still be tempted to advice him. LOL

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    You've brought back some memories for me - when I was 19, I drove myself almost 1500 miles to college. My parents were freaked out (1970s) but I was rather non-chalant about it. Now, if my own daughters had suggested like that, I would have been the one doing the freaking out!

    That said - 400 to 500 miles a day is pretty reasonable, given freeways. My parents gave me advice that still stands today: don't stop at any empty rest areas and instead, stop at a fast food place that appears pretty busy. Though things can happen at McDonald's, it's still safer to stop there than at an empty rest area. Keep valuables locked up and OUT OF SIGHT in the trunk, and today that includes iPods, iPads, GPS, and laptops (for me it was a walkman, grin). Park under a light and within sight of your motel room-restaurant window-store window, etc. Eat decently, don't try to survive on fast food. (I know, that one will probably not be well-received by a 23 year old. It wasn't with me, either, and wouldn't be on one of my daughters now.)


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