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  1. Default Used Cam Van for road trip - West Coast to East Coast

    I am in Los Angeles until the end of July and intend to drive back to Montreal, Canada.
    I am looking to buy a use Cam Van (like a Dodge Ram but not a Westfalia). I can't affort anything expensive and to avoid paying taxes when I cross the border the vehicule needs to be at least 10 years old.
    Any help finding a dealer would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been looking through Craigs List but nothing it popping.
    Thank you all!

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    Um....are you speaking of a Camper Van (Class B motorhome), a truck camper (a camper that slides onto a truck), or some sort of Class C motorhome?

    If it's a Class B motorhome - "camper van" - try your Craigslist search under that. I will tell you, from experience, that finding a truck camper in Los Angeles is very difficult, but I sure don't know why!

    Also, the LA area Craigslist is divided into several sections. Some ads seem to cross-post, but others do not. Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire are three of the sections. You could also try San Diego - somebody had an old Revcon on there a day or two so (1979, I think).

    Donna in San Diego County (searching for a slide-in truck camper, so I feel your pain)
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    thanks for the quick response. It's not a Class B or a Slide-in truck camper but really like a Westfalia. when I look at Google images it's a Camper van. (could be Chevy or Dodge but that's the type). Thanks for your comments on Craigslist... I will broaden my search.

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    How much have you researched the whole taking it back to Canada aspect?

    I've never heard of the 10 year old factor as being an exemption to the importation taxes and paperwork.

    For that matter, if you are only in CA for 2 months, and are visiting without a full visa, it may be difficult if not impossible for you to get the van registered and insured in your name until you get back home. You might be able to get a temporary transit type plate, but that's typically only valid for a month.

    Just some common problems that would come up on a request like this.

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    I am here on a work permit and I have a SSN. I have already made some research on the proper paper work with the Quebec Gouverment in order to import a vehicule. I will however make more serious inquiries about it.
    Thanks you for all the tips!

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    If you have a California address you will have to pay your local sales tax plus registration. The only way to avoid paying registration will be to get a one-way trip permit (which gives you only 24 hours to get out of the state). I think they currently cost $18.

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    You also can't register a vehicle in California without a current smog check, and the annual registration fee is one of the most expensive in the nation.

    Honestly, it would probably be less expensive and a lot less hassles to rent a car and drop it off in some place on the US east coast, and stay in hostels and cheap motels or tent camp on your way across.

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