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    Default Houston to Chicago road trip!

    This is my first road trip with my 2 other kids (kids... lol 17 and 22) we are driving to see their sister who is in school in Great Lakes, Illinois for the NAVY! :) :) To prepare, I printed a map and bought an atlas hahaha that's about it! Just hoping the roads on the map are correct (as the gps thing gets angry at times) Anyone who has traveled this road, anything we should see, eat, do???

    Thanks :)

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Storemski View Post
    Anyone who has traveled this road, anything we should see, eat, do???
    What route do you plan on taking to reach your destination? How much time do you have? What types of things interest the three of you?

    Having a paper atlas is always a good idea; I find GPS to be obnoxious at times and other times just downright incorrect. It's good to have hedged your bets and find support from both paper and electronics. The online mapping programs can be the same - I've seen suggestions to head over narrow mountain passes that only a pack mule could traverse because it's "shorter."

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    Thank you! :) According to mapquest and the others, I am going US 59 out of Houston, then on to Texarkana, Little Rock, Memphis, Blytheville (MO) up to Chicago. I am giving ourselves three days drive time up, just to be safe and on the way back, I can take longer if need be :) I'm not even booking hotels along the way, since I have no clue where we will be!! To be truthful, I'm really nervous about driving alone with the kids (even though they are adults, they are little and not good fighters) hahaha My daughter wants to see the Country Music place in Memphis, I wanted to see Mountains, obviously there are none along this route, my son just asks when will we be home (girlfriend back home) haha Should be interesting! :)

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    You don't have to follow a computer generated route to get there, it's fine to do so but you can create your own route and go where you want within your time constraints. Why not get the kid's a little more interested by getting them to look for attractions along the way. You could vary the route in each direction to get a change of scenery. For instance you could head up to Little rock, Memphis and St Louis [visit the arch ?] and on the way down to Nashville through Tupelo, [birth place of Elvis] Jackson and Baton Rogue.

    You can follow the mapping programs route but remember, you steer the car and can take any route you please, and that's the difference between a journey and a road trip.

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    In St Louis, definitely go to the Arch. There's a museum of westward expansion at the bottom of it that we found interesting, but the ride up to the top of the arch pleased EVERYONE when we went. (Unless someone has claustrophobia, then it might be torture to that person. The cars are SMALL.) My girls were teens when we went.

    In Memphis, there's Elvis' Graceland to see as well.


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