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  1. Default San Diego/La Jolla/Oceanside Safety Questions

    Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but like every big city the San Diego area has its bad areas.

    On our big 5 year anniversary out west adventure, my wife and I will be spending time in San Diego, La Jolla, and Oceanside, CA.

    La Jolla, we're not too concerned about...seems like a beautiful area to walk the coast.

    I think we'll be fine in San Diego as well. We're staying on Pacific Beach and we're mostly doing the tourist attractions (zoo, old town, seaport village, etc.) But we'll also be over in the Golden Hill area around 27th street to check out Pizziera Luigi that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. What is that area like? Should we be overly concerned? Maybe a local can tell me.

    Also, I've heard in parts of Oceanside it's very gang infested. We're basically only going to be on the coastal portion of Oceanside and want to walk the long pier they have there. Now, I've heard about possibly running into some homeless people on the pier, but all in all it seems like a pretty frequented happening place that we won't have to be concerned about.

    Maybe I'm just being over-concerned, I'm mostly doing tourist stuff not wondering through neighborhoods. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Also- The coastal drive from S.D. up to Oceanside with a stop in La Jolla to walk the coast and have lunch seems like it's a great idea.

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    Use your common sense in both the Golden Hill and Oceanside areas, as well as normal safety precautions. Go as a group, have any females in your group hold purses under their arm securely, always look like you know where you're going (even if you don't), and try to do things in the daylight. Then you should be fine. Oceanside Pier has security, I believe, as does their train station and several other places at night. (My husband used to supervise these area security guards, so he tells me.) However, if you're worried, go during the daytime.

    Donna in San Diego County

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