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    My sister and I are going on a week-long roadtrip and, since I've never done this before, I'm a bit paranoid. I feel like I've done my homework: I made all the reservations (this trip is to visit haunted locations, which include certain hotels and B&B's) and I've printed out directions and local maps and put them in a binder with our reservation information.

    This is a vacation, so we will be driving only about three to five hours each day to each location. We'll be able to eat breakfast at most of the hotels, we're bringing along a cooler with snacks and some lunch items, and we're planning to eat dinner at whatever non-chain place that looks good.

    We're both pretty similar in personality, so I don't think we'll get on ech other's nerves too much. I've also over-budgeted time for each "activity" and gave us plenty of down-time each night so we can have some flexibility.

    We've got a week to go before we set off, so is there any last minute stuff that I might not know about?

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    What is your proposed itinerary?

    If one of your proposed haunted sites is the Joplin Spooklight, I'd recommend you cancel that part. There are no hotel rooms within 50 miles of here due to the tornado and it would be best that you stay out of town for now.

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    The itenerary is: Lafayette, IN to St. Louis, MO to Hannibal, MO to Independence/Kansas City, MO to Villisca, IA, to Dubuque, IA to Prarie du Chien, WI to Wisconsin Dells (not so much haunted as just for fun) to Chicago back to Lafayette.

    We're not anywhere close to Joplin, but we would have reworked the itenerary if we were. I think tourists are the last thing that town needs as they rebuild.

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    If you are using software such as Google Maps to plan your trip, add about 20% to the drive times to represent reality. The computer never has to stop, always drives at the speed limit, and never gets delayed. If your legs all come up as reasonably doable, you should be all set!

    Do you have both a good set of paper maps and a GPS?

    Actually, we are welcoming tourists to a degree. The only thing we can't offer at this time is a hotel room. If people are passing by and need fuel and food, we are fully capable of providing those services right off I-44 at Exit 4 (truck stops) and Exit 8 (main hotel/restaurant district), and our gas stations and restaurants would welcome the business (and none of them are price gouging). Everybody has donation jars set out, and contributions to our recovery are gratefully accepted. We just ask that tourists stay out of the devastated area, which is marked on the MODOT website as restricted to emergency vehicles. Those of us who live here need to use the main streets through that area to do our daily business, and the traffic is bad enough without having to deal with "lookie loos".

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