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    I am a woman in a wheelchair travelling from the CA central coast to Massachusetts with my non driving 15 yr old daughter. I have driven cross country before(but not as the sole driver) and have driven solo from San Francisco to Seattle and back.
    My daughter has visited and seen a lot of the east coast but never drove cross country before so I want her to see some of the prettiest or most fun sights. Right now I am thinking of going across AZ to Santa Fe(to visit friends) and will gradually make my way north east from there. Does anyone one know how much extra time this will add to the drive and also what is my best route from Santa Fe to Massachusetts. I want to pass through pretty scenery and interesting spots, but since I drive with full hand controls, I would like to leave the perilous switchback mountain type drives to my husband who is joining us for the return trip.
    Would I do best going northto Colorado to hit Rt 70 and cut of north somewhere in western PA(I grew up in the east HATE the I-95 corridor) or would it be a more interesting trip to go through part of Texas, OK, possible stop at Graceland then shoot for northeast from there?

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    The thing is, that on a drive from the central California coast (I assumed San Francisco for planning purposes) to Massachusetts (I assumed Boston), there are several options for scenic routes that do not entail difficult driving. From Santa Fe the one I would suggest for your purposes would be US-285 south to rejoin I-40 east all the way to Knoxville, TN and then I-81 north to Scranton, PA and finally I-84 to Massachusetts. This is not only a fairly scenic route, but it also avoids most of the major cities that can be (in my opinion) far more treacherous to drive than mountain switchbacks. Some highlights of this route would include Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, the Oklahoma City Memorial, Graceland, and Shenandoah National Park, all without having to go too far from the straight and level Interstates.

    On the way back west is the time to take a few more 'adventurous' routes such as US-6 across northern Pennsylvania, US-30 in western Nebraska which follows the old Oregon Trail, US-34/US-40 across Colorado to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and get a good feel for the mountains (still no serious switchbacks, however) and I-80 or US-50 across the wide open desolation of northern Nevada.


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