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  1. Default Toronto to Myrtle Beach

    Hello! Am new to the forums and looking for some helop and tips please.

    We are trying to plan a roadtrip from Toronto to Myrtle Beach for August. We have two weeks off. Travelling with 2 kids (4 and 5).

    We were thinking that maybe we do Toronto ---> NYC ---> Myrtle Beach ---> Grove City ---> Toronto

    Does this make sense? Any other suggestions on a route? We haven't been to any of these places and wanted to see NYC, spend time at the beach, then shop at Grove City before heading back.

    Any suggestions on webistes for condo rentals? We would prefer that to a hotel room...

    Any other tips / suggestions? This will be our first real roadtrip...


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    Default Combining RoadTrips

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While I haven't seen this particular routing before, there are a couple of compendiums of ideas that should swerve you very well. The first would cover the ground between Niagara and New York City, while the second outlines two different routes down the east coast, one along the shoreline (NYC to Myrtle Beach) and one inland (Myrtle Beach to Grove City).

    I'd suggest, especially with 2 kids in tow that you plan on taking three driving days each way, plus any extended time your going to spend in New York and Grove City. Kids are not the easiest to get going early in the morning, take longer at each stop along the way, and need to be in their rooms for a good hour before bedtime just to wind down.


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    Thanks. Any suggestions on rentals in Myrtle Beach?

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    Default Not Within Our Purview

    We generally don't offer specific recommendations on restaurants or lodging. The philosophy here is to try to keep suggestions limited to those places that we have personal experience with, and there are simply far too many such establishments, and they change ownership/management too often for us to keep up. Besides, both are such a matter of personal taste, that just because I liked a place is no guarantee that you will. Your best bet is to just start surfing the web and see what pops up that appeals to you and is in your price range, and then book the best that you can find.


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    After speaking with some friends, they say that MB is crowded and not as nice as Cape Cod...

    If you were to pick between the two, where would you go and why?

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    Cape Cod and Myrtle Beach are 2 completely different concepts. Cape Cod is a lot more upscale, it's where the wealthy New Englanders have summer homes. Myrtle Beach is your stereotypical tourist trap. It all depends on exactly what kind of experience you are looking for.

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    Default Apples and, well, something not as nice as apples

    Echoing what glc said: There is no comparing MB and CC. MB attracts workingman's families and is wall-to-wall families with kids, miniature golf, game arcades, amusement parks, chain restaurants, and golf courses. It's also hotter than the gates of Hades in August and is more than a little prone to catch a hurricane right on the chin.

    There must be nearly a million condos to rent in MB. The Grand Strand (the name for the greater MB area) is probably 40 miles north to south, and high-rise condos dominate the skyline.

    CC is, to my understanding, very expensive and rather more upscale. It might be hard to beat MB in terms of activities enjoyable for your children, as that's what it's pretty much all about.


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    Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

    We would prefer a relaxed vacation at a nice beach. How are the beaches in CC? We love to swim.. How warm is the water?

    As for activities, we don't care for amusement parks, etc. I believe that a family vacation is more about spending time together and doing things together. Spending the days strolling on the beach, swimming, etc is what we would prefer.

    Azbuck earlier mentioned that you don't recommend places to stay. Can anyone at least suggest good websites to search for a condo / home rentals?

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    If that is the type of vacation you are looking for, you might want to consider the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A lot less comercial than MB, and from what I understand absolutly beautiful.

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    Default Vacation Rentals

    Sure. We have had the most success with VRBO, but others worth looking into include CyberRentals, RedWeek, greatrentals, and HomeAway.


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