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  1. Default Las Vegas-Yosem-San Fran-LA-San Diego

    Hoping for some advice on route, hotels and attractions to see on way. We realize it is a lot of driving and tarmac, but want to see as much as possible as we don’t know when we will be able to do this again.

    Traveling end Aug/start Sept - Labor Day is on one of the days – how much does this effect attractions, busyness etc?

    Our itinerary is:

    Sat - Land Las Vegas evening – stay in Flamingo Hotel

    Sun - Las Vegas – Grand Canyon helicopter tour (Papillon) – rest of day Las Vegas – stay in Flamingo Hotel

    Mon – Las Vegas morning – Death Valley afternoon – stay Dow Villa Motel, Lone Pine

    Tues – Drive up to Yosemite and afternoon in Yosemite – Stay Yosemite Village, Housekeeping Camp

    Wens and Thurs– day in Yosemite - Stay Yosemite Village, Housekeeping Camp

    Fri – travel to San Francisco – afternoon San Fran – stay Days Inn San Francisco Lombard

    Sat - San Fran – stay Days Inn San Francisco Lombard

    Sun – San Fran morning – travel down Pacific Coast Highway – stay Morro Shores Inn, Morro Bay

    Mon – travel Six Flags Magic Mountain for whole day – stay Santa Clarita Motel, Santa Clarita

    Tues – travel to LA – day in LA (Universal?) – stay Days Inn Hollywood

    Wens – day in LA - stay Days Inn Hollywood

    Thurs – travel to San Diego – afternoon in San Diego (Sea World?) – stay Travelodge La Jolla Beach

    Fri – day in San Diego (San Diego Zoo?) – stay Travelodge La Jolla Beach

    Sat – half day San Diego – evening flight back

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say you've got a pretty good plan, with a couple of things you should keep in mind.

    First, most helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon do not go to the National Park, they go to the West Rim. It really is not the same experience as standing on the edge of the Canyon. Actually driving to the Canyon does take a lot more time, but it is something to consider.

    The only other big problems I see is that it seems like you are really underestimating how much time you need for theme parks.

    Morro Bay to the LA area is basically a full day drive all by itself if you are planning to explore the coast. Even at a sprint it is a 200 mile drive that's going to take 4-5 hours, so you certainly wouldn't be spending "all day" at 6 Flags.

    In addition - if that Monday is Labor Day, you're likely to see extremely large crowds, and waiting one day could make for a much more enjoyable experience.

    The other one is Sea World. While the drive is shorter, Sea World really is a place that is tough to see in less than a full day. Since much of Sea World is built around scheduled performances and shows, it is even harder than most to see in a short time period.

    But other than those relatively minor things, it looks like you've done a pretty nice job in your planning.

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    Unfortunately we didn't realise, but it's the Six Flags Magic Mountain day :( - the park is only open that Monday and is closed the rest of the week when we could go, so we don't have much choice as I don't want to cut the rest short to get there earlier

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    I thought that might be a problem - Labor Day is typically the end of the summer travel season, so some tourist things will reduce hours or close on weekdays.

    However, that really doesn't change the fact that something will have to give. It really takes 2 days to follow the coast from SF to the LA area. Morro Bay is a good spot to stop on a tour of the coast, but it is a poor place to stop if you want to spend a day at Magic Mountain. You're already looking at a half day worth of driving before you get into the park. Especially considering the holiday crowd, you could easily end up spending $50 a person and only have time to go on a few of the rides.

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