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    Hi, is anybody able to tell me anything about I have just come across them and it seems a lot cheaper than everybody else and wondering if they are going to rip me off. My problem is I am young and want to have a few drivers and have 5 people keen for a trip that will go for about a month. Looking in to all possibilities from squashing in to a sedan (with luggage!) to blowing the bank on a camper van.

    Any other help you can give (or direction to further information, as I'm sure I'm not the first to ask such a question) in the rental car department would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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    I don't recall hearing about this specific company before, but it isn't uncommon for brokers in Europe to have better rates, especially for drivers under 25. (Although under 21 is still generally forbidden.)

    The website looks reasonably legit, however, I would recommend taking advantage of the phone numbers to call them directly to have them specifically answer your questions. I'd certainly ask things like how do they deal with multiple drivers, what are the terms of the deposit, etc.

    I'd say proceed with caution. If they want a large deposit up front, I'd question it, and make sure you can use a credit card for any deposit so you have protection if there is a problem. I'd also look around at other brokerages (like carhire3000 for example) and see if the price is still dramatically less.

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    A quick search seems to confirm they are a legitimate Broker. However there is a mixed bag of reviews and many complaining about unexpected extra charges at the desk on collection day. The ones I looked at were more European based, but do your homework carefully regarding final costs.

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    Thanks a lot guys that's really helpful. I'll be 23 so will be able to rent no worries, just needing to look at what fees they'll hit me with.

    Carhire3000 looks fantastic as well, I was quoted about $2100 for a months hire of an SUV which seems really cheap again, are they likely to hit me with any taxes when we pick up? It says that local taxes are included in the price but I don't know what that exactly means, I also just read on a review that 'even though the voucher says Paid In Full there are still taxes to add on'. And it also looks like all all 21-24 drivers will be included in that price which is even better. Cheers guys, appreciate your work.

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