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    Default chicago to las vegas

    I am currently planning a road trip for September. We are flying into Chicago and departing from Las Vegas. I have worked out the following route and would like some advice as to whether this is a worthwhile route to take and if there is anything we should look for on our trip:

    Day 1 - 3 Chicago
    Day 4 St Louis
    Day 5 - 7 Branson MO
    Day 8 - 9 Oklahoma City
    Day 10 - 12 Amarillo
    Day 13 - 15 Roswell NM
    Day 16 - Albuquerque
    Day 17 - 18 Flagstaff
    Day 19 - 23 Las Vegas

    Many thanks

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    Default If That's What You Want...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...then that's the perfect route. The single most enticing aspect of the 'great American RoadTrip' is that you get to go where you want to go. So if your planning has led you to this itinerary, then it is exactly the RoadTrip for you. You have left yourself plenty of time to savor the sites, events, and people along the way. If you could share your interests and/or what led you to these choices, we could perhaps offer a few hints as to what else you could add to what you've already planned.


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    We like to see different parts of the USA, we like the national parks and scenery, mountains and my husband has always wanted to visit roswell.

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    Default What's Missing

    The only one of your stated goals that is missing from your itinerary is 'mountains'. Yes, you will be at elevation throughout most of your time in the Southwest, but that is on the Colorado Plateau, a relatively flat area of northwestern New Mexico, northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah. Yes, there are mountains on your route such as the San Francisco Mountains around Flagstaff, but these are relatively isolated. If you really want to see some mountains, then I'd suggest 'robbing' a day from the rest of your itinerary and heading north from Albuquerque on I-25 to Walsenburg, CO and using US-160 west to cross the San Juan Range of the Rockies over Wolf Creek Pass. Such a route also brings you past the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park and through Monument Valley, added pluses.

    I will say that I was severely undewhelmed by Roswell. There's nothing really to see there except some kitschy souvenir stores, a rather strange 'museum', and other tourist traps. But if your husband has always wanted to go, and it's on the way, by all means go and get a few snaps.


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    Default Like mountains and scenery, why stay in City's only ?

    If you have done your research and the route you have chosen is the one that appeals the most then as Buck said, that's the perfect route. However for mountains, scenery and National parks then heading through Colorado and Southern Utah into Arizona takes some beating. Some, of many NP's would be Rocky mountain NP, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion, Grand canyon along with some great driving roads and much more. I am also confused why, if the above appeals to you as you say, you are spending all your nights in City's ?

    You will find lots of info digging around the forums and visiting the planning pages, found in the tool bars above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    ... and using US-160 west to cross the San Juan Range of the Rockies over Wolf Creek Pass. Such a route also brings you past the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park and through Monument Valley, added pluses.
    Have to agree with Buck, US-160 is a very scenic route you won't want to just get on, and drive to the other end. You might like to add Great Sand Dunes NP near Alamosa - one of the lesser visited parks - and Pagosa Hot Springs. Now there is a touch of luxury.

    And then, somewhere west of South Fork, I just can't remember exactly where, there is a solitary little store together with fuel, just south off the road. An absolute gem for picking up a not-so over-priced souvenier. Have a cuppa with the lovely old lady, and listen to her stories. (Sure hope she is still there.)


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    The reason why we chose this route was we have done several road trips and visited colarado, Arizona and Utah so I was trying to find something different. I've persuaded hubby to give Roswell a miss and Try Walsenberg as AZBuck suggests.

    Thanks for your informative responses back to the maps

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    Just looking at the map and was wondering if we you could suggest some places to stay from St Louis to Flagstaff.

    We have nine days to do it in. Would it be better if we headed towards Kansas and then onto Colarado. Your help would be much appreciated.

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