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    Hi! We are driving from Winnipeg to California next month for 2 weeks (18 days)..just wondering if anyone have any suggestions as to where is the nicest and safest place to stay in wyoming? Our route includes Casper,Rawlins and Rocksprings. We are planning to drive 16 hrs from winnipeg and stay in one of those places.Then drive from there to L.A. We would love to see some scenic routes too. Any recommendations or suggestion? thanks!

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    Default wrong, for so many reasons

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but there are a lot of problems with your questions.

    First of all, you're asking a question that is simply impossible to answer. There is no way anyone can say where you should stay in an entire state - especially since Wyoming is a state that is larger than the entire United Kingdom!

    Second, and more importantly, there isn't a single place in Wyoming you should be targeting for your first night. Even the northeast corner of the state is nearly 800 miles away and is far too far to safely drive in one day on a multi-day trip. Casper, the closest destination you listed is nearly 1000 miles away. It would take you a good 20 hours of driving to get there, and even if you did manage to do that safely (which is very unlikely), you certainly would not be in any condition to continue driving hundreds of miles the next day. Rock Springs - would actually require you to be on the road for more than 24 hours!

    What's even more frightening, is that you are making it sound like you can make it to LA in 2 Days! Putting this as nice as I can, trying to do that would put your family in a reckless amount of danger that can not be put into words. It would be far more dangerous than driving drunk!

    Before you think about adding in scenic drives, and making the kinds of stops needed for this trip to be anything other than a miserable experience, you need to plan for a minimum of 4 days on the road. You asked about safety in regard to places to stay, but you need to think about safety when you are actually on the road, and trying to make this trip in less time will mean you are putting yourself in a serious amount of danger - no matter how many drivers you have.

    The good news is that 2 weeks is enough time to drive to LA and back and have a good time. But you need to go back to the drawing board and build your plan with reasonable driving distances in mind.
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    Default Not in two days

    You are looking at a journey of over 3200 km (2000 mile) or around 37 hours driving. There is absolutely no way this can be undertaken safely in two days. You are looking at a four day journey, or at the very least, 3.5 days. There will be little or no time to consider the most scenic routes.


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