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  1. Default Orlando to Hot Springs ,VA

    I am from Brazil and wish to drive 780 miles ,Orlando
    to Hot Springs ,VA.Can i do this trip in one day?

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    Default not recommended

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    780 is quite a bit more than we generally recommend driving in one day. At a speed run pace, It's a trip that's going to take a minimum of 14-15 hours on the road. For comparison sake, professional truck drivers are limited by law to driving at most about 600 miles in a day.

    If this is only a one day trip (you're not doing any driving a couple days before or afterward), you have multiple drivers, and experience making long distance trips it could be done.

    However, if this is a solo trip, and since it sounds like you don't have experience driving in the US, I would recommend making the trip over a day and a half to two days. That would also allow you to make some stops and actually enjoy the journey.

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    thanks for explanations. It would be the second time driving in USA .last time i drove
    Orllando-Hilton Head Island ,SC. Orlando to Hot Springs,VA will be a new experience.
    I would like iNformation about the road Ranoake-Hot Springs ? it is dangerous?
    my final destination is THE HOMESTEAD HOT SPRINGS RESORT.
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    You're talking about a 2 lane mountain road. It's not dangerous, but it could very well be challenging. It's another reason that you really shouldn't try to do this trip in just one day.

    Orlando to Hilton Head is about half the distance you are talking about here. Based on that being your only prior experience of driving in the US, I would strongly recommend you make at least one overnight stop along the way.

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    Default The last 60 miles are the tough ones

    Good afternoon Doc,

    Not only is nearly 800 miles well over the daily limit suggested in the RTA Forums, doing miles like that along the East Coast corridors of I-95 and I-77 is difficult due to the high volume of traffic one can encounter. The last roughly 60+ miles is 2-lane highway, very curvy, with many homes and businesses along the highway. That means the last few % of the trip's distance are the most challenging to drive. I would not describe it as a dangerous drive, but it's not one which I would choose to make at the end of a day which is too long to begin with.

    I think I'd overnight somewhere between Statesville, NC and Christiansburg, VA, with Statesville at 560 miles from Orlando already close to the recommended limit. That leaves you with a good morning's drive of up to 5 hours to reach The Homestead.

    The Homestead is a beautiful place. Enjoy your trip!


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