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  1. Default Portland, OR to Chandler, AZ. Need Route advice

    Hello Friends,

    I found this site searching on

    I am planning to drive down from Portland, OR Chandler, AZ, I will be driving with my wife, small kid and will be lone driver. I haven't driven this far anytime. Please suggest me some itinerary with appropriate rest stops. I am driving there for work, I don't plan to do any sight seeing. Just straight to the destination.

    I am planning to start my trip on Tuesday. Please advice.

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    Default Two overnight stops.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will need a couple of overnight stops to cover the miles in a safe and reasonably comfortable manner. You shouldn't aim for any further than Sacramento on day 1, perhaps Willows CA would be more comfortable, although I don't know what lodging options there are. You could continue on I 5, or to miss the urban sprawl of LA I would take CA99/58 and spend a second night around Barstow perhaps. From there head down through Palm Springs to I 10 towards Chandler. It depends on how you want to split your time or if you have longer for the trip. A long first day to Sacramento and a stop at Palm Springs would leave you a shorter last leg.

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    Thank you Dave.

    I want to keep the desert stretch as less as possible, I am ok with overnight stops. I checked there is holiday inn express in Willows, CA and Barstow, CA. I will think about Sacremento and stop at palm springs as well.

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    Willows is a good place to stop, I've stayed there in the Best Western.

    What I'd do is take I-5 out of Sacramento, then cut across to CA-99 at Stockton on CA-4. Then take CA-58 out of Bakersfield but do not go all the way to Barstow. Take US-395 to Hesperia, spend the night at the HI Express there. Then take I-15 to I-215 to I-10.

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    Thank you.

    Are these roads safe enough? I mean just incase of emergencies like a flat tire or something like that.

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    All of the roads that have been suggested are heavily used roads, and are 4 lane freeways/expressways in most cases. It would be extremely unlikely to go for more than a few minutes without seeing other cars.

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    thanks for all the help friends. I'm booking hotels at Willow, CA and in Hesperia, CA. Any other tips on this long trip, I have never driven this long, the maximum I have done is 300 Miles.

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    The only roads along my suggested route that are not 4+ lane freeways or expressways are the last few miles on CA-58 before US-395, and US-395 itself from CA-58 to Adelanto. Those are heavily traveled 2 lane roads with speed limits from 55 to 65. If you have a major carrier, you should have continuous cell phone coverage for the entire trip.

    Best suggestions I can give you are these - get an early start each morning (I try to get on the road no later than 8 am), take advantage of rest areas to stretch for a few minutes and let the kid run around for a bit, and take your time. If you need to stop and there aren't any rest areas, most exits will have some kind of services - gas stations with c-stores or truck stops, you will see signs. Get off the road for lunch, don't try to eat fast food on the fly. The recommended legs are short enough so you should be off the road around dinnertime - check into the hotel and go get a decent dinner.

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    I just reached my destination like an hour ago. Thanks for those who suggested the routes and place to stay. The roads were busy with traffic and except the route 395 via mojave desert where some 40Miles is one lane road all other roads were excellent.

    Stayed at Days Inn in Willows, CA. While the room and bathroom was okay, some sort of dust made my sinus irritated. But my stay at Holiday IN Hesperia, CA was very good.

    The drive was pretty good. except the the passenger side rear tire blew up with a dime sized hole right in the center @ 75Mph, I managed to get the car to the shoulder on the left side since there were traffic on the right lane. Struggled with factory provided jack to get the blown tire out and replaced it with spare donut tire. Had to let go 20-30PSI so that the tire can fit into the lugs. Then used the tire inflator to inflate it to 60PSI.

    Since I still had ~190 Miles to cover and not wanting to take chance, I slowly drove for 20 miles @ 40 Mph and reached a place to get the blown tire repaired. The guy at the tire shop said, that the tire was unrepairable and sold me a Hankook Optimo for $105 didn't had any other option but to buy it. Other than this 2 hr ordeal the entire drive was pleasant and the car ran like a champ.

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    Default All's well that ends well.

    Thanks for coming back with your report. Except for the little hiccup, sounds like you had a great trip and arrived safely. All good to hear.


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