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  1. Default Bryce canyon to tetons

    Looking for awe-inspiring things to see/do on the 10 hour slog from Bryce to Grand Tetons.We hike and mountain bike, but would be open to any sight-seeing ideas such as caves, boat rides, etc. We had been thinking about straying east off the 15 toward Dinosaur Natl Park and mountain biking Dawd mountain.

    For those interested, our trip begins June 13 and runs from San Bernardino to Yosemite > Zion > Bryce > Tetons > Yellowstone > Glacier > North Cascade Highway (WA).

    Looking for an EPIC, mind blowing good time!

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    Default Slog? 10 hours?

    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum... Pretty hard to suggest attractions to consider if you're really going to try and drive from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Tetons in 10 hours. You'd have to be driving flat out -- avoiding all radar traps and stopping only for fuel to cover that distance in 10 hours.

    There are probably 100+ places I could recommend for mountain biking, kayaking etc. between those two points.

    Most of the regulars on this Forum would consider such a drive to be about as far removed from a slog as is possible... What's the hurry?


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    Default Any spare nights?

    Are you doing the journey same day or have you got time for an overnight stop ? You wouldn't have time for Dinosaur and mountain biking if it's same day. If you are planning your trip around computer based mapping programs then you really need to add 20% to the travel times for 'real world' motoring where you need to stop for gas, might face traffic/construction delays, eat and rest etc.

    Sounds like a nice trip, how much time do you have overall ?

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    Thanks for your replies :)

    Don't get me wrong, I love Utah and it is a beautiful place beyond words. We have 14 days to hit the aformentioned points and are registered to camp at Bryce and Tetons with a day to spare in between. We are looking for a place to stay to break up the drive between Bryce and Tetons; something incredible. I have been to southern Utah twice, but both times we spent all of our time in Zion, Bryce, Goblin, , Coral Pink Sand, Page, and Arches, and then B-lined it back to Seattle.

    This time our journey takes us to Tetons, before seeing yellowstone, then Glacier.

    We love single track and hiking. Dinosaur looks interesting too.

    Thanks for your ideas!

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    Oh good, a night will make all the difference.

    From Bryce you could take the very scenic UT12 to Torrey and UT24 to Capitol Reef and Hanksville to I70 and US191.

    Another area of interest that would be possible along that route is Flaming gorge rec area that crosses from Utah into Wyoming. I have not been so can't offer any other info, other than the fact it is on my 'to do' list.

    It's still a bit of driving to be done over 2 day's, but I am always in favour of getting/keeping off Interstate where possible. ;-)

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    That looks to me like it would work quite nicely - Scenic 12 to Capitol Reef, 24 to I-70 to US-191 to Vernal, a good place to spend the night. You will be right by Dinosaur. Then take 191 and US-189 to Teton.

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    Another option would be to NOT take 191 but stay on I-70 and check out Colorado Nat'l Monument, near Grand Junction. Then take CO 139, CO 64 and US 40 to Vernal. Been there, done that and it is beautiful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    That looks to me like it would work quite nicely - Scenic 12 to Capitol Reef, 24 to I-70 to US-191 to Vernal, a good place to spend the night. You will be right by Dinosaur. Then take 191 and US-189 to Teton.
    If you want WOW...I'd take this route! ;)


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    Looks like the consensus is in line with our original thoughts: spend the night near Dinosaur.
    As much as I would love to head out to Grand Junction, Dinosaur as a midpoint destination between Bryce and Tetons seems more reasonable.

    Anyone been to Dinosaur? Recommendations?

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    The Dinosaur National Monument Quarry is still closed due to safety issues that developed a few years ago and construction won't be done till October, but don't let that stop you. We've been several times, both before the Quarry closed and once after. There are outside exhibits and Fossil Discovery Trail, not to mention the park is in a scenic area and you can go find the petroglyph! The closest major city will be Vernal, Utah.


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