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    Default Planning Summer Road Trip -Need suggestions.

    I am planning a road trip for my friends from overseas and would appreciate ideas and suggestions. We are four people and plan to travel by road from San Diego, to Los Angeles and tour Holly Wood and Disney land. Then travel to San Francisco by the coast and while there see the Golden Bridge and major attractions in the City. Then fly to Las Vegas and tour Grand Cayon and Hoover Dam and ofcourse see some shows. We have one week for this trip. Any suggestions on good places we should visit ?

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    Default More information

    Hi and welcome,

    How long do you have for this trip, and what month will you be travelling? This will have a bearing on the advice given.

    My first thoughts are, why would you fly to LV? and have your overseas friends miss out on Yosemite and Death Valley.

    And have you thought of doing this trip anti clockwise? That way, when travelling down the PCH, the ocean and all the pull offs and view points will be on your side. It can be annoying and frustrating having to wait for traffic, every time you want to turn into and out of view points.

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    Default Already pushing the envelope.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With only a week to spare you really are up against the clock and I presume your trip ends back in SD ? You should know that most tours to the Grand canyon from Vegas go to the West rim located on Indian lands and doesn't offer the same views as those made famous in the National park area. The South rim is more than a day trip by road though, especially with the Hoover dam thrown into the mix. Add to that the fact you want to see some "shows" and the travel time to Vegas that could easily be half your time done. It will take you 2 days to drive to SF via the coast road, plus time in LA and SF and your flight, so it's going to be tough to do and have any time at the places you are visiting to enjoy the sights. It's certainly possible to cover the ground, but I think you should prioritise your time [LA theme parks or Grand canyon for example] or be content with time on the road with a little time for sight seeing.

    7 day inclusive.

    You could drive direct to GC from SD for the night and stay until early PM and then make your way to Vegas via Hoover dam for the night and perhaps the following night. Drive to San Fran [or fly] on day 4. Sight seeing and possibly head to Monterey on day 5. From here you would have to decide between spending a couple of days along the coast or 'sprint' inland to LA and Disney, alternatively spend just one night in Vegas and fly into SF in the afternoon on what would be day 3.

    Are they only in this area for a week ? Could LA and Disneyland etc be a made a separate trip from SD ?
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Lifey's suggestions are all good ones, the problem is you already are at the limit of how much you can do - and in fact, I think you're really going to need to cut, instead of add even more.

    1 day in SD, 2 in LA (minimum to do Disney and Hollywood), 2 driving to SF (minimum for doing the coast), 1 day in SF, and 1 day in Vegas.

    That's already 7 days, and you haven't even had time to make it to the Grand Canyon - which basically needs another 2 days, because it is just too far (5+ hours each way) to do as a daytrip from Vegas.

    Unless you can add more time, I think you might be better off trimming off some things - perhaps either just doing California, or skipping San Francisco- so you can focus on enjoying the places you will be visiting.

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