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    Howdy yall, my friends and I are planning a roadtrip for an upcoming summer. We will start in Texas and would like to hit all four corners of the states (california, washington, maine, florida) and also go through parts of Canada, perhaps Alberta, Ontario and definitely British Columbia and Quebec. We'd most likely drive something with 20 mph and stay in cheap motels and camping sites, eating cheap market food as we go. Do you think a trip like this is possible in 60 days or is that too ambitious? Also, I've come up with an estimation of about $1,800 per person (there would be 4 of us going), does this seem accurate? Any unexpected costs that might come up (aside from unexpected car repair) other than the fuel, lodging and food? And in addition, any general advice from the experienced "roadtrippers" here? Any and all help will be appreciated!!


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    Sixty days is more than enough to cover the ground needed for the trip you have outlined. Let's use 10,000 miles as a round number guesstimate of what it will take. You could do that in one month, let alone two. The problem comes with your budget. Just in gas alone, you're looking at around $2000. Tack on a state park campsite at $20 each night (that's about as cheep as they get on average) and there's another $1200. That leaves you $4000 for everything else for 2 months or just $15/person/day for everything including food, showers, entry fees. vehicle maintenance including oil changes, and emergencies. It's just not enough. Do you really want to go two months of eating exclusively out of a cooler and never sleeping in a warm bed with clean sheets? How much fun would that be? Really?


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