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    Default Southern States RTA from East to West

    G'day everyone
    Neil here from Brisbane in Queensland Australia.
    I am planning a trip from the East Coast from either LA or SF and looking to make it to either Daytona or Orlando and I am also open to ideas.
    Planning to arrive around Christmas time 2011 and planning a three week period.
    This will be my maiden voyage across the Pacific to USA and looking forward to meeting people and making new friends along the way.
    From the research I have done so far driving is the way to go. I know this is winter time for you guys so thats all good.
    The avenues of assistance I am looking for are the best sources for finding reasonable cost car hire and the route of travel. I would like to call through space shuttle territory also, maybe see a football game, maybe see a car race, maybe see a basketball or ice hockey game as well.
    Also looking forward to that southern hosptality.
    I love the social connection and enjoy sports and am keen to take on some new experiences.
    That aught to be enough

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    Default Oh Yeah to the driving !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    [Whisper mode ON< ]Your maps upside down LA/SF are on the West coast]Whisper mode off]
    Don't worry you are not the first and won't be the last to make a typo/error. lol.

    With a 3 week period you have plenty of time for a comfortable jaunt across the country, you have route and attraction options where the list would esily run into the thousands of ideas catergory and the 'best' route is the one that takes you where you want to go. For that reason I would urge you to keep looking around the forums and other RTA planning resources in the tool bars above with a good map to hand and start getting some dots on the map with places that are appealing to you and your tastes. You have time enough that you don't need a straight line across the country, you might want to go to Las Vegas, the Grand canyon and Monument valley in the West for instance, East it could be Memphis or New Orleans, or both [or neither]. Once you have a general idea, then others might be able to suggest some sporting venues and other attractions/suggestions along that outlined route.

    The same for car rental really, deals are changing all the time and there is no one 'best deal', it really is a case of researching the type of vehicle you want and who can provide the best deal for a trip across the country and how much they will add [or is included] for the one way drop off fee.

    Once you have got some dots on the map and new questions we will be pleased to help piece the bits together.

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    Default Map

    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    Once you have got some dots on the map and new questions we will be pleased to help piece the bits together.
    Ye know Niel... Dave is so right. If you do not already have a large (wall) map of the US, I highly recommend you get one. It will be invaluable to see the overall picture. I have the National Geographic Wall Map, which is widely available in all capital cities, and online. You should be able to find a supplier for it in Brisbane. It has all the major urban centres, the highways and major roads as well as all the natural attractions.

    Mine is laminated, and now covered in post it notes, marking where all the things are which I want to go see in 2012. When you have a map like that, with notes on it, where all the attractions you want to see, are, the route will create itself without you having to do a great deal more. The experts here will then fine tune it.... that is if it needs any fine tuning.

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    thanks matey will start mapping

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