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  1. Default family road trip from Milwaukee/Racine to Washington DcC and back different way?

    Aloha! We live in Hawaii and want to drive to DC from Wi (and spend 6 days or so in DC seeing the city and then drive back to Wi) . Can someone suggest a couple of different routes we can take and if there is somewhere we should definately visit en route. Kids are 16 and 11. Thanks so much. Lesley.

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    Nice to see someone from the islands doing a road trip! I lived on Maui for over a year and I know that just driving to Kahului was a chore and felt like it took all day.

    There are several different ways you could take. You could go north and cruise through the porcupine mountains in northern michigan, stop at Mackniac Island (pronounced mack-in-aw), down michigan state, stop in Ohio @ the NFL hall of fame, Rock and Roll hall of fame, and Cedar Point (Cedar Point is THE BEST amusement park I have ever been to!).

    Alternatively, you could go south, see Chicago (which is an AMAZING city), and cruise till Ohio (can't really think of anything to see inbetween).

    If you go south I would recommend The Firkin of Libertyville in Illinois for beer and hot wings. All of their food is amazing and their beer list is updated daily. All delicious brews (no miller light or budweiser, etc.). I wish they would get some Hawaii I miss my Kona Longboard...

    (it's a bar and restaurant so it's no problem with kids - I bring my lil bro and sis every now and then). I would avoid it if its after 8pm on a weekend with the kids.
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    MAHALO! Cedar point is on the list as is the rock nRoll Museum! kids! Will have a Kona Longboard for you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How much time are you planning just for the drive?

    The most direct route would be to go through Chicago and across through Cleveland and Pittsburgh and certainly there are plenty of things (many of them already mentioned above) that would work well on that route.

    Coming back, you could look at a more southern option going through places like New River Gorge in West Virginia, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, and cities like Louisville, Cinci, Indianapolis, or if you're up for an additional detour, St. Louis.

    I do love traveling to Upper Michigan, but that's a pretty big detour in the opposite direction of DC. I'm assuming since you're starting in Racine you must have family or some other reason to start your trip there, and if that is the case, I'd save that for a different trip.

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