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    Hi, I'm new here, looking for some advice on a summer roadtrip my roommate and I are looking to take. We're not exactly sure what route/destination we're looking for but we'd be starting in Minneapolis MN. We think we have about a week's time and are looking for a change of scenery and also some "unique" or even a bit hokey stops along the way. We're not really sure what to expect as far as how many miles we would be able to cover and still have time to enjoy our stops. Any advice on routes to take/places to see/stay would be much appreciated. We're college students so we don't have a ton of money to play with. Thanks!

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    With a week, you've got quite a few options, depending upon what you are interested in and how much you want to drive vs. exploring.

    500-600 miles is a good full day on the road. So could travel up to 1000-1200 miles, leaving you 4 days of driving and 3 days at a destination.

    With those "restrictions" you'd be at a circle of options that stretch from Yellowstone, to New Orleans, to New York City and really anything in between.

    That's really too much for us to narrow down for you, so now is the time for you to get out your map, sit down with friends and figure out what it is that you want to see. Once you've got some idea of where you want to go, then you can start work to put things together.

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    Thanks for the response!

    We were especially looking for what is the recommended miles per day. We'll have to play around with what we might want to do... A very, very initial idea was make it down to Colorado/New Mexico (grazing/going through South Dakota and Wyoming), and loop back maybe through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kanas, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska ---not in that order and possibly just barely going through some). We'll have to take a look at what the mileage would be and calculate.


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    A rule of thumb is that 600 miles is really the max you should do in a day, and that doesn't leave time for really any sightseeing.

    500 will let you cover a good amount of ground, and leave time for some short stops along the way.

    And you should be under 400 (sometimes well under) if you really want to start exploring beyond a quick roadside stop. And all of these assume travel on interstate quality highways, if you start going down 2 lane roads you'll have to reduce the miles appropriately.

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    This is what we did with one week from Minneapolis,14.27124&z=7
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