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  1. Default Two Month Road Trip rental car or personal car?

    Hello everyone!
    My boyfriend and I travel a lot for our business. We but we have decided to do some traveling apart from the business and have some fun. We will have about 2 months and we are hoping to do a loop around the states.

    We are still doing research on where to go and what to do and what path to take. But that is neither here nor there.

    We are debating on what car to take, it will just be the two of us and we will not be sleeping in the car. So here is our dilemma when is it better to rent a car or take our own? The trip is going to be over 10,000 miles so that should be taken into consideration. I also have found a great rate with hurtz.

    So when is it better to rent or take a personal car?

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    If you own a car, why would you even be thinking about renting one?

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    We have cars with high miles on them I have almost 200,000 on mine and he has almost 80,000. So taking our own isn't a bad idea?

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    Default No Universal Answer

    As with many aspects of RoadTripping, there is no single universal answer to the question you pose, only different options which will depend on your own circumstances. I have had a few cars that I used extensively for my own RoadTrips at a time in my life when I thought (or rather knew) that I couldn't afford a rental. The ultimate cost was that I ended up putting around 300,000 miles on two cars in 7 years and driving them both into the ground. So there's that. On the other hand, road miles tend to be the easiest miles on a car and if you plan to hold onto your present vehicles until they drop, and don't plan to make several cross-country journeys each year, then the occasional long drive is not as wearing on the car as many shorter, cold start, stop-and-go, sucking someone else's exhaust, local trips.

    Monetarily, renting can have some surprising upsides. Remember that the rental cost includes any and all maintenance to the car. If it breaks down en route, you don't have to fix it. You just call the rental company and have them replace it with another new vehicle. And there's a fair chance that the smaller cars in the rental fleet get considerably better gas mileage than your older untuned(?) cars. And if your personal insurance transfers to the rental (check with your carrier) you don't need to sign up for any extra coverage with/through the rental agency.

    Finally, there's the whole comfort/luxury aspect. It's simply a different experience to take one's own car on a RoadTrip vs. a shiny new rental with CD player, well-working AC, power options, and a still firm seat. On my last major solo RoadTrip (7000+ miles in two weeks) I took a rental, while on my last family RoadTrip (5 people including 2 grandchildren) we took our daughter's minivan. There is simply no single answer, only what works best for you under your current circumstances.


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    I will say that an 80,000 mile car is certainly not a high mileage car in my book, and even a 200,000 mile car can have a lot of life left in it as long as it has been well taken care of.

    But as Buck said, there's a lot of factors that go into making the "right" decision. Here is another thread where the pro/cons of renting/using your own car are discussed.

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