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    Hi Everyone
    Looking for some help on planning a trip to New England from all you wonderful people on this great site.
    Arriving Boston 24th June 1pm and depart from there again on 9th July 7pm so have 15 nights.
    As we have been to Boston before (and loved it) we were thinking so just having our first night and last night there.
    So if we head off 25th June where should we go?
    I have had a look at some "travel sites" and their suggested itinerary is something like this -

    Boston, 1 night
    Boston-Salem-Gloucester-Kennebunkport, 2 nights
    Bar Harbor, 2 nights
    White Mountains-Stowe, 2 nights
    Stowe-Moss Glenn Falls, Green Mountains, 2 nights
    The Berkshires-Newport, 2 nights
    Newport-Hyannis-Cape Cod-Falmouth, 2 nights
    Boston, 2 nights

    Does anyone think the above is ok or can you suggest something else? Myself, my husband and 16 year old daughter are travelling. She loves cities and shopping (especially outlets), we love small places and beautiful scenery. We will have a hire car and don't mind spending 2/3 hours every day/every other day driving.

    Look forward to your advice.

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    Default A Rearrangement Might Be in Order

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Given your stated desires and limitations, a slight to modest reworking of your itinerary might be in order. The two things that jumped out at me are 1) Your plans to drive from Cape Ann to Bar Harbor and from Bar Harbor to Stowe would both take considerably more than a few hours and 2) Your plan has you in some of the most popular (read crowded) venues in New England over July 4th and the ensuing vacation week. I would think that another rough outline of a plan might work better,

    One possible plan would have you spending that first weekend in Boston and Newport, RI, then touring Cape Cod early in the week following. Next head over to the Berkshires for a couple of days, then up to Vermont for a couple of days. From there, drive across northern New Hampshire and Central Maine, spending one night en routeto Bar Harbor. After a couple of days there, spend two more days driving down (Up West?) the coast of Maine to Boston spending an overnight in Portland and as much time in the Cape Ann area as you'd like. Such a scheme still leaves you a few days to spare and spend where you will, involves no driving days more than a few hours long, hits most of the nicest cities of northern and eastern New England, goes by a number of outlet malls, and gives you a chance to see some of the more scenic rural areas of New England. For some of my favorite haunts in the area, read through this post and the other discussions linked to therein. And be sure to let me know if you have any further questions.


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    Thanks AZBuck, knew I could rely on you for great advice as usual. Will check out your suggestions. Thanks very much.

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    Can I pick your brains again! Getting a bit confused with my planning but how does this sound -

    Arrive Boston 1pm 24th June and drive straight to Salem and stay overnight (daughter wants to do the witch tour in the evening), struggling a bit to find a hotel though - anywhere nearby?

    25th June drive to Portland and stay 2 nights
    27th June drive to White Mountains (don't know where to stay though) 2 nights
    29th June drive to Green Mountains (don't know where to stay though) 2 nights
    1st July drive to Berkshires (don't know where to stay though) 2 nights
    3rd July drive to Newport, RI - 2 nights (although accommodation looks expensive for 4th July!)
    5th July drive to Cape Cod (don't know where to stay though) 2 nights
    7th July drive back to Boston and stay for 2 nights before departing 9th July

    As you can see it is very vague so if anyone can suggest best places in these areas, whether 2 nights are needed or should I move on sooner to other places??

    Whenever I try to look for itineraries for New England, it either puts me North or South but would like to see a bit of both - is this possible in 15 nights.

    Please help as I am pulling out my hair!


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    Default Relax

    You're doing just fine so far. You're actually thinking about your travels and trying to make the most of a great opportunity. Whatever you come up with will be so much better than "Let's go to the beach for a couple of weeks" that you should stop worrying about squeezing every last drop out of this. As Voltaire said "Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien." or the best is the enemy of the good.

    As I noted in my last response, I think your plan to spend July 4th and the subsequent week on Cape Cod is a mistake, but that's just my opinion. Finishing there rather than starting there seems to work for you. All of your other choices of areas to explore are spot on. So, some specific recommendations. When I'm in the White Mountains, I stay in Jefferson, NH. This has a couple of benefits (besides the fact that my brother has a summer place there). It is on the 'back side' of the mountains, away from the tourist traps like North Conway and so offers a more laid back, true New England experience while still putting you within range of venues like Mount Washington, the Shelburne Birches, the upper Connecticut River, the Kancamagus Highway, etc. The last time I was there, I stayed at a local B&B, the Applebrook and was quite pleased with my stay. There are also a couple of very upscale resort hotels in the area if such is more to your liking.

    For the Green Mountains, I'd suggest somewhere in the Warren/Huntington/Vergennes area. I last stayed at an absolutely wonderful B&B in Starksboro the last time I was there, but it has unfortunately closed. Again staying in this area puts you within easy range of Stowe, Smugglers Notch, Burlington and other 'famous' locations without having to be surrounded by other tourists all day every day.

    In the Berkshires, try looking at the towns along MA-8 - Cheshire, Adams and North Adams. I've not stayed in this area, but in general the same reasons for the places I recommended for New Hampshire and Vermont apply here. It IS going to be expensive in Newport and Cape Cod over the 4th of July and subsequent week. These are generally upscale resorts to begin with and, as noted, you're going at the absolute height of the 'season'. You should be able to do considerably better by looking for a 'vacation rental' (a home let by the week by the owner) in the New Bedford area. and then visit Newport and the Cape on day trips.

    With the exception of the Berkshires, I've spent at least a week (often much more) in each of the areas on your list. You are in NO danger of running out of things to do!


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    Thanks AZBuck, knew I could rely on you to give me advice. What would "roadtripamerica" do without you. Anyway because of the time difference of where you and where I am, I am 8 hours ahead of you, I won't be able to look at your suggestions till tomorrow but wanted to say thanks in advance and will be back to annoy you tomorrow I'm sure! Also posted about my trip on trip advisor - just wondering what you think of the responses/ideas?


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    Default The More the Merrier?

    There's never anything intrinsically wrong with getting all the information and advice that you can. I won't comment specifically on any of the comments you're getting on that other web site, but will note that we are more about being on the road while they are more about being in a place. At some point, however, it will be up to you to wade through all the advice you're getting and make your own decisions about what you are going to do. Only you can make those final decisions, so if you're already getting confused by the amount of 'help' you're getting, it's clearly time to stop getting any more and just finalize your plans. You will not go wrong if you design your own trip.


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    the above looks like it could be some fun. cape cod is also a great, but busy time during that period. Althought Proviencetown is quite far it is pretty cool. North Conway, NH has some great outlets by Loon mountain.

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    I travel to Vermont and New Hampshire each year- I would recommend the following in the White Mountains area- Conway,NH is a great place to stay in North Conway, easy to find and in just speaking to the Motel myself recently rennovated rooms is the Colonial motel- family owned, on the main road,old style park in front of your door motel but reasonably priced and like I said easy to get to lots of restaurants,shopping both local,and the outlet kind, go to the train station etc! I have also stayed at Fox Ridge-stairs and kind of drag getting your suitcases in and out, older establishment. And if you want an incredible place to eat I must recommend Thompson House Eatery-mix of fish,meat entrees,and they use local foods!

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