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  1. Default Road Trip in Ontario - August 2011

    We are 3 adults and we were thinking of renting an RV motorhome vehicles to drive from :
    - Toronto, ON
    - to Owen Sound, Ontario - Penetanguishene, Ontario
    - to Muskoka Lakes, Ontario
    - to Algonquin Provincial Park, Laurentian Hills, Ontario
    back to Toronto, ON

    in 6 days and 5 nights, none of us have ever done that and we are not familiar with Canada, what do you think ?
    We think it is the cheapest solution and a great way to see lots of nature

    thanks for your help !

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    Default Cheap or Close to Nature: Pick One

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    While I certainly agree that camping on lake shores and in national parks is a great way to get close to nature, you will find, I'm afraid, that RVing is not a way to save money. Once you consider the rather large added expense of renting such a vehicle instead of a standard sedan, the extra cost of the fuel needed to move it down the highway, and the cost for a hookup-equipped campsite each night to make it useable, the 'savings' of not having to get a room with a comfortable bed disappear and then some. Traveling by RV is about the lifestyle, not about savings - particularly on a short trip such as the one you're planning. If the lifestyle of RVing appeals to you, then fine, but another aspect of such travel that you should be aware of is that you will be traveling in a self-contained little world. And while it's possible to meet different people once you set up 'camp' each night, they will be people just like you who enjoy RVing and easily accessible nature. You will not, typically, get the random encounters with random people that often make travel so rewarding.

    So, your basic plan is fine and seems to meet your wants for this vacation perfectly, just go in with your eyes open and know that you are making trade-offs.


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