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    Hey--I live in New York City, and have about four days off from work. Was wondering if there were any loops, or quick trips I could do through New England. I was thinking any of the six New England states, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH ME. Those are the six states I haven't seen. It might be too much to see all six in four days, so I can prolly break it up over the summer. But my goal is to see them all.

    Any ideas

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    Default Closer Than You Think

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When I lived in New England, I was always immensely glad that most New Yorkers had no idea how close it was. You can get to Maine in around 5 hours. My own first visit to New England occurred when I and a couple of my friends were about to leave NYC for Delaware on a Saturday evening and, realizing we had nothing to do on Sunday, decided to do a tour of the New England states over the next day. We did all 6 states and even included Montréal for good measure. So it is entirely possible to do what you have in mind in four days. For some of the many places you might want to consider stopping, I suggest that you read through this compilation of discussions of New England RoadTrips.


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    You can see so much in 4 days on the East Coast-so much is close together- just plan ahead if you don't want to worry about where you will sleep-
    I would definitely plan a trip up the Maine Coastline-so many pretty stops, Ogunquit- lighthouses, and more! Because of traffic you might want to leave on Thursday from New York and return on a Monday-
    ANd this website and others have many helpful tips on planning short weekends on the East Coast-Moon travel books and possibly even Frommers Travel guides have spent chapters on it- and this Forum is very helpful-good luck and happy travels!

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