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    Default NEED advise going thru ROCKIES, Please help

    Hi All, Am new to this site, (But not traveling) I am leaving Cheyenne Wy, Going to Northern
    CA. My problem is, I can't find a feasable rout thru colorado rockies. Don't want to take I-70
    Would stay in Wyoming, But the head wind would terrible. 50+ MPH. I need to get scooter to a shop in Denver to make sure it's in good shape for the trip. I have a good road atlas, But can't find a rout that's lower than 10,000 ft.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-80 does stay below 10,000 feet, and is almost certainly going to be your best bet. The issue with the headwind is kind of unavoidable - as you've got the choice of either going over mountains, or across more flat, but windy, terrain. There's really no good answer, in large part because scooter just aren't designed for this kind of travel.

    You might want to play around in the RTA Map Center. The Elevation tool of the program could be especially helpful as you try to figure out all of your options.

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    Default First time ?

    I agree with Michael, and as scooters are not designed for such journeys I was wondering if you have done any long multi day trips before on the scooter and how long do you plan for the journey ?
    You will need to pack light, but personally the thought of long periods on Interstate alongside those big rigs would terrify me lol.

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    Default Elevation is your least problem, friend

    No offense intended, John, but you're bringing a knife to a gunfight, and it's not going to be pretty. I wouldn't dream of getting on a Western US Interstate highway with tractor-trailers and busses running 85 mph blowing past me that scooter. Between headwinds, crosswinds, and blow-by, you're in a terrible, terrible position. The most elementary fact of traffic safety engineering is not that "speed kills" but instead that "speed differential kills". Even if headwinds, crosswinds, or blow-by winds don't finish you off, there is an enormous problem with just getting run over where other drivers don't expect a vehicle in their path to be running 30-35 mph slower than they are. They're in the wrong, mind you, but you're just as dead at the end of the day. Not to even mention that your scooter is not designed for all-day, multi-day travel. The chance of you blowing the engine or melting down the drive system seems high to me.

    However, if you MUST, you can get down to DEN without getting on I-25 by any number of routes. From DEN, consider cutting up through Estes Park and take US 34, Trail Ridge Rd, which in fact tops out at +11,000', to US 40 at Granby. I'd look at US 40 to Heber City, UT, crossing Rabbit Ears Pass at 9,426' on the way, thence down to Provo from Heber City, thence patching together some combination of US 6 and US 50 across Nevada to Fallon and Reno, where depending on where on Nor Cal you're headed you'll either have to cross the Sierra on I-80 or perhaps can choose some other route.

    You can, in fact, get at least to the Sierras from DEN without reaching elevations of 10,000' by going back up to Ft Collins, thence US 287 to Laramie, WY. At around the CO-WY line, you should top out at around 8,000'. US 287, you'll see from elementary map study, is a heavily-used shortcut between I-25 north and I-80 west, and you wouldn't catch me on it on a scooter. I-80 between Laramie and Rawlins runs mostly around 7,000-7,500', but I absolutely wouldn't consider a scooter on that tractor-trailer racetrack. Rawlins to Ogden, UT and down I-15 to the I-215 loop north of Salt Lake (OH!, the horrors of Ogden to Salt Lake on I-15 on a scooter! Fortunately there's US 89 to avoid just that) places you on I-80 west of Salt Lake without having to summit at Parley's Summit (7,016') near Park City on I-80 between there and SLC, as well as avoiding the 10 mile downhill tractor-trailer racetrack/road course through Parley's Canyon on a scooter. From Salt Lake westward there is a single high spot of some 6,900' just east of Wells, NV, and the remainder of I-80 to Reno and the foot of the Sierras runs the Humbolt River valley at around 4,000'.

    All of that said, I flat wouldn't consider it. If you need to be in Nor Cal, need the scooter there (in functional condition), and need to be in good health, ship the scooter on a truck and take the bus yourself. Seriously, riding that thing from Cheyenne to DEN to Nor Cal is just not a good idea.

    Best of luck,

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    Default Better check the Colorado DOT site

    I'm not even sure that you can legally drive a scooter on the highways in Colorado... I'm sure that one of our detail-specific roadtripping analysts can look this up, but I've never personally ever seen a scooter on the highway. Scooters are legal on city roads, but really undermatched for safety and speed on the cross country highways.


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    Default Scooter...

    I would recommend against attempting this type of trip on a scooter. I cannot imagine you would feel very safe or that you would be able to carry the type of gear necessary for your trip.

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    The legal issue is a good point Mark, even if the safety/common sense issues are ignored. It would seem that the 'Minimum speed limit' might become an issue where posted along Interstate and Highways can't be achieved.

    When a minimum speed limit is not enforced it reads like it could be an offence to travel at a speed where you will impede the flow of traffic.

    Minimum Speed Limit: I. No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. §31-5-304(
    Unless that Scooter can cruise all day at 65 to 70 mph I would forget it to be honest, and even if it does I'm not sure I would fancy it. If you decide to go ahead you should check each State law very carefully including type of licence you have and what is required.

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    One can only endorse what has already been said. I recall well, as a scooter owner some decades ago, being advised by a friend, who happened to be a policeman, to stay off the urban freeway. And the speeds there were nowhere near what they are out on the open road.

    Ship the scooter and take the train.

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