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    4 adult Australians enjoying life. We are leaving Niagara Falls, Ontario on 22 September and arriving in Boston on 24 September. That gives us 2 nights and 3 full days on the road. We are not expecting to arrive in Boston until the afternoon of 24 September.

    I was told that the Finger Lakes are beautiful as well as the Adirondacks. Given the amount of time that we have to do this leg can you please suggest to me the most scenic route to take to get from A to B. We also don't want to drive any more than 300miles each day if we can help it. With that in mind I guess visiting the Adirondacks is out of the question. I've also heard the Mohawk Trail is good to see. Can you please suggest where we should stop for the two nights along the way.
    Thank you.

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    First, for a little background, read through the discussions linked to here. As for your specific questions, with 3 days and 300 miles a day, you can hit everything on your list: the Finger Lakes, The Adirondacks, the Mohawk Trail, and a number of other spots along the way. Just pick the sights you most want to see and start connecting the dots.


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    Thank you AZBuck for your links. I have read them all and they were most informative. After a bit more consideration I think we'll take it a little easier so that we have a bit more time to see the sights. Unfortunately it means we probably won't get up into the Adirondacks but the Mohawk Trail sounds fabulous! Thanks again!

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    Niagara Falls to Boston is less than 500 miles, you made it sound like it was 900+ miles. So I wanted to clarify that in case you thought otherwise.

    With that said, 3 days is more than enough time to make a day at one of the Finger Lakes and a day at the Adirondacks. Both are on your way. Seneca Falls is nice and so is Canandaigua. You would also be close to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge and of course the area is known for wine, if that is your type of thing.

    The Adirondacks are huge and you could easily hit the southern most area which is close to I-90. You're also not far from Saratoga Springs, which I think is a great place to visit.

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    Sorry Pancakes for misleading you. What I meant is that if we start to detour up into the Adirondacks I didn't want to go so far that we would be travelling more than 300 miles per day. In fact that is probably too many miles really. I thought we could spend a night around the Finger Lakes. Are there any favourite places where you think we should stay? Seneca Falls and Canandaigua sound lovely. Do you think we should stay at one of those places? We have thought we would stay at Saratoga Springs for the other night before heading into Boston. Do you think that's a good idea? Thanks for your help.

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    I definitely think you should try to hit all 3 spots. If you just do a simple google search for NY Finger Lakes you will find more to do, places to see that will suit you best since I don't know you personally. I think all of the Finger Lakes region is wonderful but I live about 2 hours away and have explored much of it. I visited Saratoga Springs once a few years ago and definitely enjoyed it so I do recommend it. The Adirondacks are wonderful and really kind of underrated by a lot of us who live in NY state. If you're the camping/outdoors type then I think it is well worth your time.

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