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  1. Default Advice: Returning home abroad through LA after a year in MidWest - plan trip

    Dear Forum,
    We spent a year in Indianapolis this year, with weekend trips to DC, NY, New Orleans, Chicago and Detroit.
    Now we are planning a 3 week road trip in July from Indianapolis to LA.
    I am interested in seeing:
    -Yellowstone Park
    -Salt Lake City
    -Los Vegas
    -San Francisco
    Is this feasible - how much time should I plan for in Yellowstone?
    I would appreciate any help in choosing roads and tips regarding recommended sites along the way.
    An alternate route would run south and include the Grand Canyon and Zion and Bryce National Parks. Would this be wiser for a trip with kids?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 3 weeks for this trip one way you do have a nice amount of time, but even there I think it may involve some picking and choosing.

    I think you'd probably be best off either doing Seattle or Salt Lake/Las Vegas. If you were to hit all the places you mentioned, you would probably need to do something like: Across to SLC, possibly going down into Colorado, up to Yellowstone, across to Seattle, and then down the coast to SF, and back across to Vegas before LA. That's certainly not impossible with 3 weeks, but it could push you to go faster than you want.

    What might work better is to head straight for yellowstone, going across the badlands/black hills/mt. rushmore and entering via the Beartooth Highway. Then pick an option of either continuing to Seattle and working your way down the coast, or work your way south through Utah (including Zion/Grand Canyon, etc), and then Vegas on the way to LA. You might even have time to go from Vegas back across Death Valley and Yosemite to SF before heading to LA.

    None of the options is generically better or "better for kids" what matters is which is most interesting for you and your kids. I'd think about which places those would be for you, take a look at how you like to travel in terms of speed, and simply try to plot out a rough itinerary. That should help you figure out if you've got a workable plan, and if you'd like, we can also take a look at it and offer additional suggestions.

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