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    Firstly, thanks for the fantastic resource you are all contributing to.

    Two of us are heading to the states in mid May and are trying to construct a road trip from florida to california. At this stage we were thinking of a route from Miami through New Orleans, Houston, up through Dallas, Amarillo, Alberquerque, Flagstaff (grand canyon), Vegas, LA up to San Francisco.
    We would also love to get to yellowstone then up to seattle and finish in Vancouver if you have any thoughts on continuing the drive north however we are considering some flights and local area car hire due to distances.

    Anywhere up to 8 weeks but thinking possibly 4-6weeks for this part of the trip. I realise that is quite a varied time frame but we are very much overwhelmed with options and intend to be very flexible with stopping where needed or wanted. We will be mixing camping and motels (still debating small car vs small campervan).

    We are both from rural Australia and used to doing significant driving stretches and knowing when to rest and I think we are pretty aware of hidden car hire company tricks and other advice you have given alot of other members (thanks again!)

    So essentially i would just love some advice and suggestions on dos and donts, must sees, routes, interesting drives ect. Basically if you had 6 weeks where would you go? We wold love to see whatever is on offer particuarly nature, small town life, historical settings, kitchy sights. We also just enjoy 'the drive' (and have a baseless desire to drive through Texas!)

    Sorry for the essay and thanks for your help

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    Default A million and one choices.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a good map and continuing to use the RTA resources such as the Forums, Map centre and other road trip planning pages above you can continue to build upon your 'wish list'. We don't really do 'must See's' as the road trip is an individual thing based upon your own interests, but I would certainly take a look at and consider spending some time in the Four corner States of NM, CO, UT and AZ. A fantastic and highly concentrated area of National parks, natural beauty, great driving roads and diversity makes it somewhere that I would go, again and again.

    Small Euro type campers are quite rare in the US and because of that, they usually fetch a premium rate. RV rental companies such as Cruise America do compact RV's which can be fun but for budget, a car and Motels will work out cheaper. For an extended trip like this buying some basic camping equipment and mixing it up a little would be a cost effective and fun way to travel, even if you donated the gear to a charity or group at the end.

    You won't be able to rent a car in the US and drop it off in Canada [I doubt] and a one way trip will mean 'One way' drop off charges. Have you considered doing a complete loop around the country ? You could head out along the Southern route and back along a more Northerly one. I would keep looking around and find places of interest, the bit's you would love to see in between your list of City's and get some more dots on the map and a clearer picture. As you do, keep asking questions and we can help fill in the blanks.

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    Default aome thoughts

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There aren't a lot of answers to your questions, as there really aren't generic lists of dos/don't, or must sees.

    I will say that it does sound like you've got an excellent start to your plan, and even if you only do the "4-6 week" version of your plan you've got time to really have fun, but if you can extend it all the way out to 8 weeks it will be even better.

    One thing I would look at is regards to your ideas for the Northwest. Flying to Yellowstone is a little tricky, just because it is pretty far removed from any major cities (there are lots of little ones, but they can be expensive). Rather than going to California and then back, I'd look at doing a little more of a zig-zag. Once you get to say New Mexico and Arizona, start working north through Utah/Colorado towards Yellowstone, and then head west again to the Pacific and finish by going south to California.

    Or if you end up doing a trip on the longer (6-8 week) scale, you could even do a full loop of the US, which could end up saving you money, since you could eliminate the one way drop fee, and most likely end up with far cheaper airfare -especially since you could just fly into a west coast city, rather than having the more expensive/longer flight all the way to Miami.

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