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    Hey folks - so this is my first post - I hope this is the most appropriate forum for my questions. Come this October, I'm planning on driving from Alaska to the east coast and then on to the west coast. I'll be sleeping in the bed of my truck on a platform under a topper. So my questions I need to worry about condensation forming on the truck bed if I don't have a bedliner in it? I'll definitely be hitting colder weather and I don't want my gear to get soaked from any moisture that may build up. Also, without a bedliner, will dust and moisture make its way from the road into the truck bed? Has anyone had any trouble with condensation forming on the inside of a fiberglass topper without any roof liner? Many thanks on any responses!

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    The fact is that unless your topper is air-tight, you are going to get dust and moisture inside. But unless it leaks like a sieve, it's going to offer better protection then no cover at all. If you bought your vehicle as a pick-up truck, then the bed was made to be exposed to the elements and to suffer abuse. That's what trucks are for, after all. I'd actually be more concerned about having a topper that is too sealed off from the environment. That would mean that as you sleep at night your hot, moist breath would soon make the interior unbearable. I have had that happen, and it is not fun. So, As long as you take proper care of your truck and clean/air it out every so often, I wouldn't give this a whole lot more thought.


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