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    First time cross country traveler looking for some insights from the more experienced professional outlook. We are starting in PA, two hours out of philly. We are traveling to Nashville, TN to see a friend in the army who is stationed. We figured this would take one day approx. 13 hours to arrive at our destination the first day. From there we plan on traveling to Oklahoma city, where my other friend is based because of the Air Force. Oklahoma we are suppose to drive to Arizona for Hellcity, a tattoo convention and from there finally making it to Huntington beach, Cali. Few questions. Which would be the easiest to drive, where is the good food and historical places located? Is this a good idea? Money is not a factor in this excursion. Thoughts, comments and constructive criticism is expected. Thanks for reading and hope you all have some information for me.
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    Default a bit too long

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It looks like you are trying to do a bit too much.

    Philly to Nashville is an 800 mile drive, which is just too much for one day. While you didn't say exactly where you are starting from, I suspect you are using a computer estimate that suggests you could make such a drive in 13 hours, and that's just not true in the real world. Realistically that's about a 15 hour trek, where an overnight stop would be strongly recommended.

    Nashville to OKC is almost 700 miles, which is also above what we'd recommend for a day on the road. Probably not impossible, but certainly more than is going to be any fun or allow any extra stops at historical places.

    The next leg falls in the category of way too far. OKC to Phoenix is nearly 1000 miles, which is simply too far to even consider doing in one day. That's a a full 2 day drive, and you should plan to spend the night in Albuquerque along the way.

    You certainly can make this trip happen, but the time factor will be the biggest question mark.

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    Philly to Nashville is nothing. I drove from Scranton, Pa(Close to where i live) to Chicago,Illinois and back in 23 hours, one day no stopping. Too much isn't the concern. I drove for 20 hours with bathroom breaks and eating breaks. I don't think 13 hours is going to be that bad. Yes there will be exhaustion and sitting in the car factor but we do plan on stopping places to eat,take pictures and anything that interests us but would only take out an hour or two of our actual time. 13 hours from Scranton to Nashville. and 10 hours from Nashville to OKC. Also it depends which route we take. I was unaware of the 1000 miles between Nashville and Phoenix. Stopping in Albuquerque is a great idea. Seeing as my buddy was wrong the convention dates we will no longer be stopping in Arizona, we are looking to get to Huntington Beach. Do you have any other places of interest to stop along the way? I appreciate your input and concern of driving for long periods of time.

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    Default Don't get complacent.

    Philly to Nashville is nothing. I drove from Scranton, Pa(Close to where i live) to Chicago,Illinois and back in 23 hours, one day no stopping. Too much isn't the concern.
    Sorry but that's reckless and bordering on suicidal ! Driving for 23 hours and having to maintain an average speed of 60mph plus, is crazy. I'm afraid that having "no concern" for such actions will not win you any favours here. You should be concerned about safety, if not yours than for the safety of people you share the road with. You have got away with it before and probably will again, in the same way that a drunk driver has got away with driving home on more than one occasion.

    I hope you have a safe journey.

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