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    Default Car hire - what do I need?

    Hi guys - I'm going back to US in September for my 2nd road trip. Didn't have a great time last time, so need to make amends (bad company).

    I'm looking at hiring a Mustang Convertible, and I've found a good price at But they list various options, and I'm not totally sure what I need.

    The options they list are:

    Liability Coverage (RLP)
    Personal Accident Coverage
    Collision Damage Waiver

    Collision Damage Waiver is familiar, I'm sure we need that, but if anyone has any assistance on the other two that would be a great help.

    And finally, has anyone used Midwayreservations or know if they're a good outfit?

    Thanks for reading!!


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    I'm not a rental car expert, but I've not heard of that site before. Liability and accident coverage would be a good idea, in my opinion.

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    If your travel insurance covers personal injury, there is no point in doubling up. Check with them first to see exactly what you are covered for when renting a vehicle. Then take up the balance with the rental company.


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    My current review of travel insurnace out of AU is that for vehicle rental it covers NOTHING, except the excess on Damage insurance. And US insurance works the other way, the rental co pays the first $$ , you get the rest ! So I'm taking Full LDW & SIL. (SIL is what I call third party liability insurance, the one where there are Million dollar payouts)

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