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    Default Got an extra $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket?

    You know that the road would violate your rental agreement and you'd still consider it?

    I really don't think you appreciate the disaster that is driving in violation of a rental agreement. First of all, all rentals these days have gps tracking so they will know you broke your contract. Breaking your contract basically means you are driving a stolen car, and will invalidate any insurance you have, so any problems that do happen will completely come out of your pocket. That means if you cause a mechanical problem by driving on that road, you could be completely responsible for having the vehicle towed (potentially all the way back to Vegas), be liable to pay for any and all damages/repairs, and the lost time where it can't be rented to anyone else.

    Basically, you'd be taking a gamble that could easily end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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    The road through Monument Valley is not suitable for a RV, period. Book a Jeep tour.

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    As glc mentioned don't try taking the RV on the dirt road in Monument Valley. That first drop is a bear!

    Southwest Dave gave great hiking ideas.

    Keep checking multiple times a day for Watchman Campground cancellations on the web site. Cancellations show up immediately online.

    I haven't camped at Crystal Springs and Bridal Veil Creek, but getting campsite in California in the summer means you have to be there 1st thing in the morning and then there's still no guarantee. Please have backup campsites.


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