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  1. Default Winter road trip for 5 young australians

    hey all , im just new to this site and it appears to be very imformative and will significantly help me thoughout my travels , myself and 4 other 21 year olds are considering coming over to america in early janurary to go on an rv trip , at the moment we are considering driving from new york to miami and then up and across to vegas , our time schedule is looking around a month or a month and a week but we have concerns on is it feasible to do this trip in janurary or would it be better to try and do it in november ? and with your prior knowledge would you recomend this trip to us or is there any better trips that you have tried ? the reason behined deciding new york and vegas is they are both amazing places and we think these would be good starting points but we would be happy to start and finish anywhere , Thankyou so much reading this and i look forward to your responses

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    Default Very Expensive, If Even Possible

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before you proceed any further with your plans, you need to first look into whether anyone will even rent an RV to five 21 year olds, and if so, how much it will cost. If this were a simple car rental and you all wanted to drive at some point during your trip. then you'd be looking at around $4000 just in underage surcharge fees, let alone the actual rental cost, one way drop-off fee, substantial gas costs for dragging your living quarters around with you, etc. All your other concerns pale in comparison to that one, so get that squared away before you go any further.


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    hey azbuck

    ive been doing some substantial research into this over the past 2 months and i have found several companies that have no problem renting out an RV to 21 year olds especially seeming the time of year we are planning on going (January) with no added cost. The company which i have found require no one way fee (Road bear RV) Just some questions though is it even possible to do this trip at this time of year in an RV ? does the weather truly get that bad ? We are now just thinking of driving from NY down to Miami and then flying the rest. Do you think this is possible ?

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    I will say that if you've found a company that claims it will rent to you with no underage surcharge and no one way drop fee, I'd be 100% sure you know what you are getting. This certainly sounds to me like a case of way too good to be true.

    For example - just a quick look at the Roadbear website says their policy is a minimum age of 25.

    An RV trip in January will have some challenges - there are far fewer campgrounds that will be open, and you likely will not be able to use the water tanks, because there is a good chance that you'll have at least a few nights below freezing (and probably more than a few if you are spending a lot of time in the northeast.)

    The Northeast generally isn't a great place for RV travel in the first place, so if you can make this work, the portion of the trip where I think you'd actually get the most enjoyment and use out of the RV would be driving from Miami to California.

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    when researching road bear i sent them an email regarding the minimum age of 25 and they said that is fine , oh ok just looking on the map it appeared to be the better of the two but obviously i was mistaken, Thanks for your quick reply, do you think that if we were to do it all it would be able to be done in around 30 days ?

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    Default What does that mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by lukeparker View Post
    when researching road bear i sent them an email regarding the minimum age of 25 and they said that is fine
    It is one thing for them to say that it is fine. It is a totally different thing for them to say, there will not be any additional charge for five 21 year olds to drive the RV.

    I would get back to them, and get it in writing. Lay out your exact plan to them, and get them to give you a specific quote, including ALL the charges, taxes, excess miles, insurances and additional fees. Be very very specific and insistent!

    I hope it does not disappoint.


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    Default More advance planning

    Hello lukeparker,

    In addition to the excellent advise that you get your RV rental quotes in clear written form, all relevant data disclosed and acknowledged, you should look ahead at just where it may be feasible to overnight in the rig.

    Most, if not all, state park campgrounds as far south as Virginia and North Carolina close for the season by early- to mid-December, re-opening in early- to mid-March. I can well imagine great difficulty finding an open campground of any sort, government or private commercial, in the upper mid-Atlantic states, the Midwest, and the whole of the Rocky Mountain states.

    A primary reason for cold-season closure is water supply issues, where the bathouses and underground plumbing supplying water to the RV hook-ups are not designed or installed to be used during sub-freezing weather. They're shut down and drained to prevent damage from freezing. Be aware most RVs are not designed to be used in very cold weather, either. Most modern RVs have small heaters for the freshwater, gray water, and black water tanks, but they're small and the tanks are generally uninsulated, so a seriously cold temperature overnight can cause major damage to the RV's plumbing system.

    There are probably some online campground guidebooks and I suppose the venerable Woodall's has an online subscription option (I get the paper copy). I'd have a long look-see at some sort of guidebook and make some inquiries in advance of deciding upon a route and related plans.

    Sounds like a great trip, however. I hope you can pull it off and that you have a great time here in the States!

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    thanks for the quick replies , i just received a reply stating

    International customers have to be at least 21 years old in order to drive a motor home. National customers 25.
    There is no fee for international drivers under the age of 25.
    i also checked if there was any extra insurance fees for being this age and they also said no.
    so least that is sorted. i will start having a look around for open campsites etc. Ideally we would love to come in your summer but due to university and school for the next 4- 5 years there is really no hope as our holidays are from December to march. Ill keep all that in mind Foy but it sounds as if we would have to limit some for the amenity uses in the RV for safety reasons. But im sure we would be able to survive without these

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    Default That is good news

    Sounds great Luke. I'd say, go for it!

    But do keep in mind all the restrictions relating to the time of year and climate, as mentioned above. You would not want a frozen water pipe to burst and ruin your trip. I'd plan to go as early as you can get away. Don't Uni exams finish in November?

    Enjoy the planning and have a safe trip.


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