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    I Plan on taking a road trip next month. I am from the U.S. and have car insurance on My personal vehicle from a very well know insurer. Just checked with them, and they let me know they would cover a rental at the same deductibles. But after doing some reading online, I'm reading 50/50 that even with my personal Insurance.... I probably should still get the daily insurance offered by the rental company. 1/2 say yes 1/2 say waste of money. Is there a definite answer on that? Thanks

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    Real simple question: If you have enough insurance for your current car, and you'll have the exact same coverage while you drive a rental, why do you think you'd need more because you are driving a rental?

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    First, understand that I am firmly in the "waste of money" camp. Between my own personal insurance coverage (which covers any damage I do to rental cars, as well as my own), credit card coverage (which provides collision damage waver, or CDW, insurance when I charge the rental on it), and AAA, AARP and other general trip and liability coverage, I am thoroughly covered without paying the rental company exorbitant rates for short term coverage. BUT, you want to check with your providers to see what coverage you are already paying for and have. In particular you want to be covered not just for any damage to the car, but for the fact that if you put their car out of service for any length of time, you will be causing them losses from the fact that they cannot rent it out while it is repaired. That's one coverage that is not normally included in personal policies. Ask your carrier and be sure you have it.


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    Thanks, Thats how they get me... They say if I use my own insurance, and I have an accident, they can still charge me up to $86 a day for the time the vehicle can't be rented. If my insurance company doesnt cover that, even though it's excellent coverage, I may still get the rentals insurance just for that reason.

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    Perhaps it would be worth checking out another rental company ?

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    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but some initial investigation, I found that some rental companies if you don't take their insurance will put a large block on your credit card to cover any potential charges down the line, far in excess of what you'll be paying for the actual rental.

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    I always buy rental insurance. For a few extra bucks a day, I can drive with a peace of mind. I could hit something or something could hit me. But no matter what happened I just have to give the rental company back their car and that is it. NO hassles. If you try to use your own insurance and something happened, it could be as simple as just you reporting it to your insurance or just one big giant headache. Why take that chance for a few extra bucks a day? BUY IT.

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