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    Hi all!
    My husband and I are planning a road trip from St. Louis to Las Vegas in late September of this year. Las Vegas is only really one stop on a large loop roadtrip we'll be doing, but it's the farthest point of our drive. We'll be heading out west on the Southern route and heading back east on the Northern route (we have a wedding in Durango the following Saturday which is really how the whole trip got started). Here is my proposed itinerary, please let me know what you think. We will have two drivers and no kids. We're no slouches when it comes to roadtrips, having done many 17+ hour trips, but this will be our longest, this may seem aggressive, but I think we're up for it:
    Day 1= (leaving in the evening after work) St. Louis---> Tulsa
    Day 2= Tulsa--->Santa Fe
    Day 3= Santa Fe---> Grand Canyon
    Day 4= Grand Canyon (Williams)--->Vegas
    Day 5= Vegas
    Day 6= Vegas--->Kanab
    Day 7= Kanab
    Day 8= Kanab--->Durango
    Day 9= Durango
    Day 10= Durango--->Dodge City
    Day 11= Dodge City--->STL

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your statement of this being aggressive plan is accurate, but it isn't completely unreasonable. I do think there are some thing that you might want to adjust.

    I think your goal of making it to Tulsa on night one is very optimistic. That's 400 miles, and nearly a full day on the road all by itself. I've found I can cover 300 miles "after work" without issue, but pushing much beyond that doesn't work well. Additionally, Santa Fe is probably not a good stop. First, it is a pretty significant detour and you won't have time to really see any of the city, second, if you do make it to Tulsa night one, you'd have another very demanding day on the road to get that far. Going back to back like that is going to really wear on you just as you are starting out.

    Instead, I think I'd shoot to stop for the night around Springfield or Joplin, spend a second night around Tucumcari or Santa Rosa NM, and then end up Flagstaff. That would set you up to head into the Canyon via the east entrance and then back out via the Williams. Your time at the Canyon will be fairly limited by trying to get to Vegas that night, but you should at least have a few hours to enjoy the views.

    On your way back, rather than racing all the way to Kanab in one shot, you may want to break that drive up with stops at Zion and/or the Page area.

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    Thanks for the advice, I think your advice about the beginning of the trip is probably correct. We've done plenty of 17+ hour trips in two days before, but that was when we were going to be in one place for a week, not when we were going to be driving for most of the remainder of the trip.
    On the way back, we were planning on stopping at Zion during our drive from Vegas to Kanab, but I do want to get to Kanab rather quickly, as we're volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and I'm kind of anxious to get there!
    Any advice on must sees/eats along the way and anything you would consider overrated? We'll have the National Park Pass, so I'm not worried about the cost of just stopping briefly at a National Park, and would like to see whatever we could in our time.

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