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  1. Default Los Angeles, CA to Silver City, NM to Fort Worth, TX

    I'm heading out on a road trip with my family (wife, sister and 4 kids ages 6-16) from L.A. to Silver City and to Fort Worth.
    I'm driving out Saturday the 22nd and stopping in Silver City for 2 days.
    Then leaving Silver City and heading out to Fort Worth, TX.
    And from Fort Worth back to Los Angeles.

    I wanted to know of any good places to stop at for sight seeing.
    What would be some good scenic routes?
    Also any good places to stop at for eating with the family.
    We're trying to avoid the fast food and just get off the road and relax for a bit.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default More info.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As we know nothing of your interests or how long you have for the trip it's not possible to make meaningful suggestions out of the thousands of possibilities. The trip to Silver City is possible in a very long day, but is a little beyond what we would recommend and you certainly won't have time for any scenic routes and sight seeing. I am hoping you are planning on stopping between your next stops ?

    Look around the forums and road trip planning pages and when you have some ideas that suit your interests and we know how long you have we can help fill in any blanks.

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    Dave thanks for responding.
    This is actually my first time taking a long drive like this.
    Before this, my longest road trip was an 8 hour drive.
    I know the trip to New Mexico is a 12 hr drive.
    I'm in no rush to get there.
    I'll be leaving L.A. at 5am and staying in Silver City for 2-3 days.
    And i'll be staying in Fortworth for 3 days.

    I am mostly interested in things that the kids will enjoy.
    I don't know whats on the way up there.
    I was hoping to find some places that are interesting to stop along the way.
    That way we won't be stuck on the road for 12hrs straight.

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    If you want to see anything except scenery through your windshield at 75 mph, you need to add an overnight stop between LA and Silver City.

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    Right. At least one overnight stop. Maybe Tucson and check out Arizona Sonora Desert museum (not a museum)and Saguaro NP West. . Great fun for young and old. See Gila Cliffdwellings near Silver City (takes most of the day) and visit City of Rocks and even maybe the Catwalk near Glenwood.
    Silver City to FW is not a daytrip imo and you'll miss wonderful places like White Sands NM and Carlsbad Caverns NP.

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