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  1. Default Tacoma, Wa to Savannah, Ga HELP! two cars, two babies, 9 days

    Due to work relocation, we will be moving from Tacoma, Wa to Savannah, Ga in late August. We will be given 9 days to make the move.

    It will be my husband and I, and our two kids: Thing 1 who would have just turned 3 and Thing 2 who will be a month and a half old.

    We have two cars: a Toyota Sienna (minivan) and a Honda Civic (Sedan) that need to go with us. When we moved up here two years ago we had a family member volunteer to the Civic up for us at a later date. At this time no one is volunteering so we are making plans on how to get two cars in one move. Between doing a caravan or towing, we are leaning towards towing the Civic behind the Sienna.

    What would be the best route to take with such a set up? Any places worth stopping to see? Anyone want to talk us out of towing and want to suggest a different method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strandedinspace View Post
    Anyone want to talk us out of towing and want to suggest a different method?
    Have you thought about using one of the companies which gets volunteer travellers to drive your car across country? On my visits, I have driven some two dozen cars which needed to be relocated. The cost of using this service would probably be much the same as the cost of extra fuel, if you were to tow it. And would definitely make for a more relaxed drive, especially considering you have two babies on board.

    The Seattle office of the company is located in Tacoma. In fact, right now they have a Honda Civic which needs to be relocated to NY. Many travellers use this method to get from coast to coast, and save on rental costs.

    Lifey wishes the best for your confinement
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    Towing a Civic behind a Sienna would be pretty brutal, especially in the mountains. I also advise you find a way to either ship it or have it driven, if you don't want to drive both vehicles yourselves.

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    I have to agree, with the amount of wear you'd be putting on the Sienna by trying to use it to tow that much weight for that much distance, you'd be better off selling one of the cars, and just buying something similar at your new destination.

    The one thing you do have going for you is that 9 days should give you a nice amount of time where you wouldn't have to really be that stressed while on the road. If you both ended up driving, you could keep your daily driving distances to a pretty manageable level to make it work.

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    Thanks for all the advice. Between here and talking with a great many others we are throwing out the idea of towing the Civic. Hopefully between family, friends, and shipping companies we'll figure something out. Thankfully we are trying to figure this out all now and not at the last minuet.

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    Maybe the company would allow your husband to go out there for a househunting trip prior to the move - and he could drive the Civic out and fly back.

    I'd suggest that YOU could do that - but I get the impression that you may be too pregnant to make that advisable or comfortable.

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