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  1. Default Dallas to Niagra Falls (US Only) and back in an RV 10 days

    Have 10 days in July and planning a trip in a Class C motor home, will not have a seperate car, just looking for sight seeing ideas

    Thanks! John

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are millions of things you could see, but your sentence didn't tell us anything about what you might be interested in, and what sort of ideas you've come up with so far. Is there a specific reason you're not crossing the border? Once we know more from you, we might be able to have some ideas that fit your trip.

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    not going into canada because do not have a passport card and also have not checked with the rv rental company reguarding going out of the country I have thought about visiting music places like Memphis and Nashville, I have also thought about seeing some moutains and will need, Do not really need to visit DC this trip...maybe visit the Lake George area as well

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    I would recommend that you get your passports immediately. There is more to see and do on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls than there is on the US side.

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    It would make sense to take a different route each way and you should allow the best part of 6 days in an RV for the journey, or best part of 8 if you include Lake George NY [?]

    If you went up via Memphis and Nashville you could return via St Louis and Tulsa, or if you went to Lake George you could head down I81 along the Appalachians. Have a search of the forums and you can also create routes and find attractions in the Map centre [found in the green tool bar above ] to check out what may appeal. When you have done so we should be able to help fill in the blanks.

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    Thanks for the good ideas everyone, I will look into the create route too

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