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    Default Memphis TN to Chattanooga TN

    I am curious about Highway 72 through Alabama and Mississippi as a possible route between Memphis and Chattanooga. Has anyone driven this road? Thanks. Bill

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    Default No, But...

    ...I've driven it's twin brothers (by different parents) throughout the South, and it's first cousin, US-64, across southern Tennessee. US-72 is a four lane, divided, but not limited-access, highway through mostly rural northern Mississippi and Alabama. You can expect speed limits of 55-65 for much of its length and only occasional traffic control devices except in cities. Unfortunately, US-72 does not bypass any of the moderate size cities on its path such as Corinth, Florence, Decatur, and Huntsville. Those will slow you down. The payback is that several parts of US-72 are quite scenic, including Scottsboro up to Chattanooga where you will be wedged between Gunters Mountain and the Tennessee River.

    An alternative worth considering is the previously mentioned US-64 across southern Tennessee, which although it is only a two lane road for the most part avoids most medium to large sized towns and passes near Shiloh National Military Park and is quite relaxing in its eastern portions.


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