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    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on my roadtrip with a friend from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

    We will be going on May4th 2011. i did some research and noticed that the Tioga Pass would probably be closed during that month so there is no point of going to Yosemite(correct me if im wrong).

    We are looking for nice sceneries and the driving time is not an issue.

    Is there another option of driving to Las Vegas from San Francisco without passing my tioga pass and still enjoy the scenary?

    Is driving to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco and spending a night and then driving the next day to Las Vegas another nice option?


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    Driving up to Lake Tahoe, and then down to Las Vegas is certainly an option. But not my preferred option.

    Just because Tioga Pass will still be closed, is no reason to by-pass Yosemite. There is still plenty to see in that Magnificent National Park. And with all the snow they have had, now melting, the waterfalls are bound to be spectacular.

    From Yosemite you could head south through Kings Canyon and Sequoia NF where the Giant trees are. The road through Bakersfield will take you into Vegas. However, you could also detour and take your trip through Death Valley, another amazing landscape.

    Enjoy the planning.


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    Default Well worth it !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Yosemite is always worth a visit and as mentioned the waterfalls will be flowing and make for a spectacular site. The valley will be in Spring mode when you travel, and although the weather can't be guaranteed it should be very pleasant. Tahoe, Sequoia, or even down the coastal Highway would be options, but if you only have a 1 night stopover you won't have time to visit Yosemite and Sequoia.

    For the coast highway, you would need to check the status prior to travelling. It is meant to reopen by the end of this Month after part of it collapsed into the Ocean, but could still be subject to delays.

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    Dave, the Rocky Creek slide repairs are on schedule, but the Alder Creek slide is going to take at least a month to clear. The PCH isn't going to be an option for at least another month.

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    Default Never Ever Miss Yosemite!

    May in Yosemite is just about perfect, the route over Tioga Pass is amazing, but it's not the place for the awesome views of Yosemite Valley. Here's a recent photo taken only a couple of weeks ago... Would you really miss this if you had a choice?
    Is driving to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco and spending a night and then driving the next day to Las Vegas another nice option?
    It's beautiful route down US-395 and you can even drive through Death Valley National Park on the way, but that's a VERY LONG DAY! Need to figure 10 hours in the saddle.


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    Thank you Mark,

    so if we wanted to drive from San Francisco and enjoy the sceneary but not stop in yosemite which route would we take?

    We will be using a gps system so it would be helpful to know what to put into the system.

    If you know of any delays because of road works please let me know.

    Many Thanks

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    Dear Mark,

    One last question, would we be able to drive through Yosemite even if the Tioga pass is closed and still be able to get to Las Vegas?


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    Tioga Pass is only a small part of Yosemite.

    The Yosemite Valley is where the majority of the attractions are, and that is open year round. The only thing that will be limiting is that you will have to enter and exit the park on the West side of the Sierras. If you are trying to make this trip in 2 days, then that would mean you'd have to exit the park to the south (towards Fresno) and then go down to Bakersfield and across to Vegas.

    I'll also add that you need to remember that a GPS should be a secondary tool, after a good map. At this stage, a good map will go a long way towards helping to make sense of the area.


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