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    Default What Am I Missing? LA-Bryce-Zion-Page, AZ-Grand Canyon-Laughlin-LA

    My friend and I and 6 kids are leaving on a sample Road Trip. We are planning a 6-7 week road trip in the summer, but we are trying out a smaller one to see if we can handle it, all alone with 6 kids. There are two 12 yr olds, two 9 yr olds and two 5 yr olds.
    This trip is 10 nights long.
    We are driving from Los Angeles to Bryce on day one.
    Day two-Horse back riding for four of the older kids. Also touring the park and participating in the junior ranger programs.
    Days Three--Five-Bryce to Zion-Enjoy the junior ranger program and hike.
    Day Six-Zion to Page-Float Trip-
    Day Seven-Page to Grand Canyon
    Day Eight Grand Canyon-(What activities can we do? We're going this month.)
    Day Nine- Grand Canyon to Laughlin
    Day Ten- Take a boat trip in Laughlin to London Bridge
    Day Eleven-Drive Home to LA

    My question is, should I try to squeeze in something else in between Page and the Grand canyon? I was thinking I really want to see Monument Valley or take the kids to the four corners. Are any of these extras worth it, or will my friend and I go crazy trying to fit it all in? Looking to the experts for some guidance.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Default Worth it??

    Hard to say if it is worth it. We all put our own value on things. But to my way of thinking, the kids would love Four Corners. Just the novelty of having their photo taken standing in four States is to my mind, worth it for the them.

    That is not to say that Monument Valley isn't. It too is a great place and one where you could easily spend several days.

    But then, so are most of the places around there.


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    Default Day 1 ?

    My first thought was that day 1 is an extremely long one travelling, especially with 6 children on board ! My second thought was, why bypass Zion and make that day longer than it need be and then head back to Zion. Why not just stop in Zion first ?

    There will be the same things to do at the Grand canyon as there is in the other parks, enjoying walking, the scenery and Junior Rangers. There are many viewpoints as you enter through the East entrance along Desert view drive, [64] including the first that has wide open views of the Colorado river from the Old Watchtower. You should take your time along here to the village area then there won't be a need to double back. For that reason [and having to get 6 kids ready in the morning] I think that Four Corners may be too far for them while spending a lot of time in the car for a 10/15min break to have their picture taken.

    Monument valley would be a possibility, or you could check out an Antelope canyon tour in Page or stop at the Cameron Trading post for lunch and a look around the stores.

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