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    Default Roadtrip from NH To TN with Five year old son First Timer here... Suggestions welcome

    Hello all!
    I am your basic "first-timer" When I was in my teens I roadtripped to Chicago, and to NY... But of course, it was never planned, more like spur of the moment, and I didnt see much exciting.. In fact, once I hit chicago, my car caught fire...
    This time I am planning a trip from NH to TN to visit relatives, just south of Nashville.
    From Start to Finish our trip is 7/29/2011-8/8/2011 ( to be back in NH on the 8th). I am planning that from the 4th of August thru the 7th to be at our relatives, leaving on the 7th ( Sunday) for our return trip.. So that gives me 6 days of travel and quality time to experience different areas with my curious 5 year old boy, on our trip down.
    It seems I will be traveling through PA, Maryland, and Virgina.. And of course TN itself.
    I am looking for advice traveling with a kiddo, tips for making sure my car doesnt die, places to see, eat, stay ect..
    Any advice at all would be much appreciated!


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    For making sure your car can make it: Is it in good condition, or has it been limping along lately, desperately grasping on to life? A tip is to always have the vehicle checked out by your mechanic before making a trip of considerable length if there is even the slightest amount of concern over the vehicle's capabilities.

    For traveling with children: I think this depends on the individual child, but make sure you stop at regular intervals so each of you can get out and stretch your legs and get some exercise. There are many Civil War sites along your route which can make for good places to take a walk, and there are several places with easy, short hikes through nature too.

    For places to see: What are the things that most interest you? I always enjoy a drive along the Skyline Drive in Virginia. I would recommend taking just one section in on this trip.

    For places to eat: My current method has been to go into the center of the larger towns and find what's open, and choosing from there. Another tried and true method is to ask a local once you are in a town that interests you. Either way, I'd wager your five year old hasn't developed an opinion on farm raised versus wild caught salmon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg Cunningham View Post
    From Start to Finish our trip is 7/29/2011-8/8/2011 ( to be back in NH on the 8th). I am planning that from the 4th of August thru the 7th to be at our relatives, leaving on the 7th ( Sunday) for our return trip..
    Do I read correctly that you plan to do the return journey in two days?

    With a five year old?


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    I think you _could_ do it in 2 days, but I wouldn't want to be in that car with a 5 year old. You'll probably be on the road 12-13 hrs both days, allowing for bathroom and meal stops. It looks to be pretty much a 20 hr non-stop drive, which, of course, you can't do unless you've got amazing bladder capacity and no need to stop for food. So, if you stop twice for food and throw in some bathroom breaks, too, that's starting to look like a minimum of 12 hrs and that seems really long for a 5 year old to me, too.

    I'd seriously consider leaving a day earlier or getting back a day later.

    As for what to see along the way, what are you interested in and how long would you like to stop?

    The sweet tea line is somewhere in Virginia below DC. Not sure exactly where on the western route, but it falls between DC and Richmond on the eastern route. You oughta be able to find some good southern eats in Va and TN. Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, The Smokies, will all be on your way. Nashville has great food, also, and plenty to do there, too.

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