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    hello everybody,

    we are planning a trip from orlando to keywest. we are wondering that whether we have a chance to select toll free roads. if we have to use roads that have charges then we also wonder do they accept cash because we hear that some are not accepting cash and we need to buy electonic card "pass24".

    thank you in advance.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can certainly make the trip without tolls, although it will adds some time and miles to your trip. Basically, you'd head over to I-95 (using 2 lane roads) and then head south all the way to the end of the road, where you join US-1 for the trip to the Keys.

    You don't have to buy an electronic pass. Sections of Florida Toll roads that don't have a cash option use a license plate photo system, where they take a picture of your plate, and then send you a bill. You are charged an extra $2.50 for each month that you drive on the tollways without a pass. If you are in a rental, most companies have a system in place that will simply charge your credit card for your tolls.

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    Thank you very much for your reply,

    We have not a time problem and we are planing to see the around on our way and may be stay one night in the fourt Lauderdale. On the map I saw A1A, I guess it is the best way to make the trip enjoyable thought the coast line. So, what is your opinion about A1A is crowded or is it safe, etc.?

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    A1A is the beach road. It's very slow and congested most of the way, you will need plenty of time to burn to take it all the way. I think you may have a hard time making it from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale in one day on A1A.

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    Default Not that bad

    Can't agree with glc. Yes A1A is much slower, but I have done it from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, and it did not take me a full day.... and I am regarded as a slow driver. Sure it can be busy, but even when I did it in (busy) August, it was not that bad.

    Route 27 - mostly divided road - is another choice, and 441 onto 27 is a scenic route. Then take 595 into Ft Lauderdale. These roads are not fast roads, but all will allow you to do the trip easily in a day, with maybe a short stop here and there, to enjoy the scenery.

    Lifey who avoids tolls

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