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    i live in Chicago Il and I can get about 3 days off work. I'm looking for and exciting place to visit not far away. i'm hoping to travel no longer than 4 hours approximately. The group range is about 18-22 years old. Maybe a zoo or amusement park and some nightlife. Something interesting and new! I have been searching for days but can't find anything i like in particular. some ideas would be great thanks!!!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    So right now our parameters are a roughly 220 mile radius from Chicago, and zoos and nightlife. What other cities are in that range? Let's see:
    Indianapolis - which has a zoo and I imagine some nightlife.
    Milwaukee - the home of the Brewers should also meet your needs - it's also a quick trip away at around 90 miles.
    Green Bay - I have a friend who swears by Wisconsin, but I think it has more to do with his football favorite in this case.

    Of course, you asked for "interesting and new." What do you consider "uninteresting and old?"

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    I'd agree that Milwaukee could be an excellent choice. There's a lot of nightlife, it has an excellent zoo, plus there are a lot of other things you can see and do. Check out the Map Center, where I've listed several things you might enjoy.

    Madison could also be a good choice. Certainly there is no shortage of nightlife, and is certainly one of the premier College Towns which would have to be a plus for your age group.

    A bit farther away, St. Louis might also work quite nicely, and while a bit farther than 4 hours, the Twin Cities could work.

    But as Tim mentioned, we really don't know what you've already looked at in your search thus far, and you've got a pretty wide open set of options.

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