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  1. Default I have 5-6 days - mini road trip

    Hi there,

    I have to be in Austin in june (on a thursday) and I plan to arrive in Memphis one week before (late monday in "week 1").

    I want to see Graceland - and the "music history" of that area - and then I want to drive to Austin.

    Would it be possible to do this in a week if I want to drive down to New Orleans?

    And how many days should I spend in Memphis - and what's to see on the rest of the trip?

    I would like to enjoy the trip - see some nice "local" things - and ofcaurse the "must see" things. Would like to do some "cowboy" stuff once I get closer to Texas - I guess I want to do it all - with little time to do so.

    I'll have a small week in Austin where the nights are free.

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    Default Leaving 3 or 4 For Fun

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You're only going to need about two days for the driving portions of this trip, so you'll have plenty of time activities. Besides Graceland, you'll want to visit Beale Street (heart of the local music scene), Sun Studios (where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis all recorded - both separately and as the 'Million Dollar Quartet'), and Mud Island ( a scale model of the Mississippi River on an island in the Mississippi River). From there, you might want to take US-78 over to Tupelo, MS and visit Elvis' birthplace, then hop on the Natchez Trace Parkway for a very relaxing drive down to Natchez and US-61, the Blues Highway', into New Orleans. If you want to see authentic 'cowboy stuff' in Texas, then I'd suggest that you use a state highway that hits a number of county seats, and check in at local barber shops, feed and tack stores, and the like and look for flyers or just ask about any upcoming rodeos, 4-H or FFA events, fairs, and the like. Austin is another town chock full of great nightlife, so be sure to check for the local entertainment weekly when you get there.


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    Thanks for that info.

    I've been looking into car-rental - and I've always been in love with a Mustang - do you know anywhere it's possible to get one with one way only rental - pick it up in Memphis and then drop it off in Austin?

    I've tried a lot of search engines - but it seems convertibles isn't the biggest hit in this area?

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    You are going to have to contact all the major rental companies. Also note that they won't guarantee a Mustang - only a "convertible" which may be a Sebring.

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    Default Apparently Not

    I used the "usual suspects" to search for such a rental and I could not find a rental company willing to reserve a convertible for a one-way rental from Memphis to Austin. Neither could I find one who had convertibles for rent in Memphis at all. While I'm not terribly surprised at the lack of one-way rentals (after all, convertibles are specialty cars and not easily replaced in the rental fleet), I am a bit surprised that there would be none for rent in Memphis. Your best bet at this point, if you really want a convertible, is to call the actual locations in Memphis, not the national 800 number, and see if you can work something out. Be advised that even if you are successful it is going to be expensive (a specialty car), expensive (a one-way rental), and not guaranteed (the contract will say "or similar", and guess who gets to define "similar" or even "upgrade"?).

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  6. Default

    If I have a week - would it be possible to drive from Houston - Memphis - New Orleans (or Dallas) and then to Austin?

    That way I could fly into Houston and fly out from Houston again - and get my Mustang :)

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    Default I Don't See Why Not

    You could do such a loop (Houston - New Orleans - Memphis - Austin - Houston) in a total of less than three days worth of driving. More importantly, none of the drives between any of the cities would be more than a day, except Memphis/Austin, so you could be in a nightlife mecca every evening of your trip but one.


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    You really live up to your Guru text - you know your stuff!! :)

    I am looking more into Houston as start/finish - my only worry is if it'll be too much driving and not enough time seeing the country?

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    Default Maybe ?

    That way I could fly into Houston and fly out from Houston again - and get my Mustang :)
    As glc noted earlier, rarely [if at all] are you guaranteed a particular make of vehicle and all rental companies use the term 'or similar' when you book a class of vehicle.

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    I know I'm not guaranteed a specific model - I can only hope.
    Does anyone know if any rentals guarantee a specific model - for a little extra cash?

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