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    Default New Guy- Planing a road trip on my Harley

    Just signed up, and I'm planning a motorcycle road trip from Melbourne, FL to Indianapolis, IN. I'll cover 300-350 miles per day. Thinking of using US-27 most of the way, not in any hurry just want to take in the scenery, and stop at interesting or historic places. I'm not camping so hotels/motels are a must, don't want to be to far from civilization just in case the weather turns. Any suggestions, tips, or alternate routes would be appreciated.

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    US-27, like most of the 'old' long-haul US road system, covers a lot of interesting territory. And if you're not in a hurry, makes a great alternative to the Interstate system. Just a sampling of some of the better known sites on or near that highway include Andersonville, FDR's Little White House, Chattanooga/Chickamauga, Cumberland Gap, and the Wilderness Road Heritage Scenic Byway.


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