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  1. Default First roadtrip- 10 days- Start and endin Atlanta- northeast

    My plan is to take my 12 and 13 year old boys and my husband on our first road trip this June. We will be starting in Atlanta and want to visit anything north of DC (not NJ or NY). Any ideas???????

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    Default Several Options in the Northeast

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The area "north of DC" has come up often. First, though, I wouldn't sell the entire state of New York short just because of the urban sprawl associated with the BosWash corridor. For some ideas of what's available in the general region you've indicated, have a read through the following:

    Washington DC to Boston via Niagara
    NYC to Niagara Falls
    Boston to Niagara
    Niagara to Boston
    1 week road trip from Toronto
    New England

    There are far too many sites listed in those discussions than you can possibly visit in the time you have available, but once you've narrowed down your choices a bit, we can perhaps be of more specific help/\.


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    Default Pennsylvania

    May I suggest that you search out all there is to see in Pennsylvania. There is enough in that State alone to keep you occupied for weeks. Search terms you might like to use include 'viaduct', 'grand canyon', 'kinzua bridge' and 'covered bridges' among others.

    The old railway viaduct covers a great distance and sections can be seen at many locations, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is one of that State's best kept secrets and the Kinzua Bridge site will give the children some insight into this historic bridge, which stood for a century, only to be destroyed by a tornado in 2003. The well cared for and restored covered bridges of Bedford county can be seen following a self guided tour. This tour also includes a short side trip to Gravity Hill where your car will actually roll uphill. The children will love it!

    And that is barely scratching the surface.

    Most of these areas are suitable for a variety of family activities, and would be educational for your children.


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    Default Oh!! and I forgot....

    Route 6 through PA. As the brochure says, 'Not so much a route, as a destination in itself'. So many attractions, and so much to do, but don't expect to fly past any of it at 60mph.

    And then there is Jim Thorpe - one of America’s most picturesque towns. Tucked away in the mountains, this lovely place is right in the middle of ever so many activities, including white water rafting and kayaking.

    The Boulder Fields at nearby Hickory Run State Park are something to see. No one can say how they got there, but I am sure the boys will have a ball.

    I could go on, as memories of my many trips across and visits to Pennsylvania surface.

    Considering the way the price of fuel is going, it could be appealing to spend two weeks in one area with such a wide variety of activities and attractions.

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