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  1. Default RV parks between San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio

    My wife and I are moving to Columbus, Ohio next month and are thinking of renting an RV and see the country along the way.

    We are thinking of renting the "standard RV" from Cruise America and wanted to know if there were restrictions on where we could park at night.

    Do we need to stay in designated "RV parks?" Or would rest stops and/or hotel parking lots be ok? If anyone has any advice or has made this trek, please do share your recommendations and advice. :)

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    Default Truck stops

    Your safest and most secure stops would be at truck stops. Most truck stops have areas set aside for RV overnight parking. Truck stops are open 24 hours, have people coming and going all night and are well lit. It can also be a good idea to mention that you will be parking there for the night. You will have plenty of company. And of course, make sure you fill up there and maybe use their restaurant. Many also have dump stations.

    To check which ones have these facilities, and help you plan your route, get the National Truck Stop Directory. It is available online, or at some truck stops. (The RVers Friend is the same book with a different cover.)

    I would not stop at rest areas, as it is not always safe, and illegal in many States. Hotels and such have a register of the licence numbers of their guests' cars, and you could find your self with the constabulary at your door in the wee hours, asking you to move on.... if not worse.

    Lifey who spent many nights at truck stops

  3. Default Thanks, Lifemagician!

    Great advice, Lifemagician! Much appreciated. :)

  4. Default Advice on used RVs

    My wife are considering renting an RV from to drive from San Francisco to Columbus, Ohio (we are moving to Columbus) at the end of the month -- but we have a little sticker shock at the rental fee... nearly $2,500 (not including gas). It's so costly mainly because it's a one-way trip.

    However, we noticed they also sold used RVs... and saw they were really affordable. Many under $20,000. Are these really a good deal? Any advice would be appreciated. Here's a link to one we saw that seems like a pretty good deal:

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    If you can foresee the need for continuing to own a RV, that can be a good deal. In fact, that would probably be one I would get. I'm very well aware of issues involving Ford trucks, and that particular one has one of the last really reliable 5.4 liter engines. Very shortly after that one was built, the F-350's got a new engine that has been plagued with issues. If you are looking at Fords with 5.4's, look for "L" in the 8th character of the VIN. This was a mid-2005 model change and that one is an early one. The only "L" series engines after 2005 were in the E-vans. The VIN "5" engines were the problematic ones.

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    Default RV'ing.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    My wife and I are moving to Columbus, Ohio next month and are thinking of renting an RV and see the country along the way.
    Truck stops are the best place to stay outside of designated areas, but you won't be able to 'set up camp' in one. Cook a meal and get some rest while trucks come and go ,Yes. You will "see" more of the country by stopping in National and State parks where you can stay for around $18 per night and that can include showers and dump stations in a lot of cases, which is something you may have to pay for when staying for 'free'. Being able to sit outside in nice surroundings around the fire while having a beer and a BBQ in the evening is a great part of RV'ing, one that you won't be able to enjoy in a truck stop. You don't really mention your plans, whether or not NP's are on your list of places to visit, if they are not, you do have to pay admission charges into the parks on top of camping fees. If they are of interest and you plan to visit a few, [4 or more major parks] purchase the annual pass for $80. [camping not included]

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    Default Big commitment.

    As above really. Do you intend on keeping the RV for future trips ? Is it something you want to do, as RV'ing is a lifestyle choice, a car and Motels would certainly be a cheaper way of getting across the country.

    I have rented with Cruise America and my experience with an RV that was doing it's 'last trip' [so I was told] was a good one. I was told this as I reported a couple of 'niggles' with the RV and was informed that it was going to their Refurb centre in Phoenix prior to being sold for a check over. Of course it's a huge Company across the country, but my personal experience was that the vehicle was well maintained and in good overall shape.

    Before committing to buy one I would take a long look at maintenance costs, depreciation, on the road costs [Ins etc] and if you have room to store it. Then weigh up how much you are going to use it in the next year after a house move. That could be more than the $2500 rental fee [?] Make sure you click on the 'Rental Hot deals' link on the rental page, they often have 'free nights', 'one way specials' or 'free mileage' offers.

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    Default RVs and Moving

    One thing I would really think about is if you actually want an RV even for this trip.

    Since this is a moving trip, make sure you understand that an RV is by no means a moving van. You will need to have the vast majority of your stuff shipped.

    Second, whether your rent or buy, it will certainly be a more expensive way to "see the country" than just taking a car and staying in motels. That's doubly true if it means you have to ship your car(s) to your new home. RVs can be a great way to explore and see the country, If you are hoping just to do "free camping" at truck stops and the like, it seems like you are defeating the purpose.

    Finally, along the lines of what has been mentioned, an RV is far too big of a purchase for it to make sense just for one trip. Buying a used one could be a great deal, but only if it is a long term purchase. While $2500 is a lot of money to rent for one trip, it is quite likely - to nearly certain - that if you purchased an RV just for the one trip, it would cost you a whole lot more than that once you factored in all of the true costs of short-term ownership.

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