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  1. Default 1st road trip Ever! advice and tips needed!

    A good amount of my friends and I are planning on doing a road trip from Maryland to Maine.
    Nobodys ever planned a road trip on their own and I haven't even been on one.

    We don't really know where to start.
    We do know we want to stop at places on the way there, we want to stay along the coast, &we know we want it the trip to be around 8 days long.

    Any ideas, tips, and/or advice?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A great way to 'plan' a first RoadTrip is to simply think about what it is you want to accomplish. You all have chosen the coast of Maine for a reason, so now you just need to flesh out that reason a bit. Get yourselves a good atlas that covers Maine and the intervening states and start seeing what's along the available. Comb the net for attractions on your route. It's as simple as doing a search on 'placename tourist attraction' and looking through the links that come up. Even have each of your participants pick just a couple of spots they'd each like to see. Then start stringing them together. Before you know it you'll have an itinerary.

    By a direct hard drive, you can reach the very southern tip of Maine in about a day. But if you are going to stop along the way, you should allow two days both up and back. That still leaves you a good four days in Maine which is plenty to take a relaxed tour of the coast up as far as Acadia National Park. I wouldn't try to get more ambitious than that or your trip is going to be more about being cooped up in the car rather than actually experiencing the places you'll be visiting.


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