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    Hi There!

    I'm traveling with my two dogs and cat across country by myself. I'm planning to drive about 400 miles a day or 10 hours. Weather is a concern but I wanted to get some suggestions as to the quickest routes and midway points for places to overnight w/ my crew that would be cost effective but safe. I will have to take periodic pit stops for doggie breaks how many days do you think it should take me? Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated. Will be heading out this coming Tuesday.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you make it a 6 day trip you will be travelling for close to 9 hours per day with short breaks. Figure on overnight stops between 480 and 550 miles apart to look for 'pet friendly' accommodation along the I80 corridor which looks to be the quickest route. You can find some info on travelling with pets here and places to rest and relax just off Interstate.

    Stops for a 6 day trip would be around Elko NV, Rawlins WY, Grand Island NE, Davenport IA, Cleveland OH. If you stay to the East of major Cities, it will ease the early morning rush our traffic heading into the City. An extra day would make things a little more comfortable and you could adjust your stops accordingly.

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    You should be able to do this in 6 days.

    You are going to have to check on conditions just prior to leaving, and get to Reno the best way. The shortest way is CA-44 to US-395. At this exact point in time, the Caltrans site is not showing any restrictions.

    From there, it's I-80 all the way to Hazelton PA, then I-81 to I-84 to Newburgh NY, then US-9W.

    Overnights would space out to Elko NV, Rawlins WY, Kearney NE, Davenport IA, and the Cleveland OH area. This is driving just under 500 miles a day, and with reasonable stops could be done in 10 hours.

    If there are issues on CA-44 and/or US-395 and you have to take I-5 to Sacramento to pick up I-80, that will add about 45 minutes. If you want to make this a 7 day trip, the overnights will relocate to Winnemucca NV, Salt Lake City UT, Cheyenne WY, Omaha NE, Joliet IL, and Youngstown OH.

    Generally, the easiest and safest places to stay are chain hotels at the Interstate exits, the most pet-friendly chain is La Quinta. Motel 6 is pet-friendly, but you may be restricted to only one pet. You are going to have to research the individual hotel's policies around each proposed stop. You can use a site such as to find lists of hotels in each city, then start calling them to inquire about pet policies. Normally, I just wing it and haven't had any problems finding lodging just driving in off the highway, but with 3 pets you need to research and probably prebook.

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    Thank You for the welcome!! You all are quite knowledgable and the suggested night stops is so appreciated and very helpful. The links are very helpful and I especially like the links for all the various sites along I80. I would like to stop evry three-four hours for a quick walk w/ dogs and a bit of exercise for me.

    I see that eating out of a cooler is healthier and most cost effective. Space inside my Toyota 4Runner is premium real estate due to the two dogs (shelty and shelty mix) cat in carrier, suitcases, camera, backpack w/ necessities, purse, .a box w/ pet supplies (ie. Kitty pan, litter, food etc) car carrier w/ additional suitcases...any suggestion on the cooler situation? I have a small (14x11x5) softsided zip up portable cooler coolerthat could hold some water, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit etc...I would just have to shop at the store daily Ifor the next days drive.

    Does anyone have good sites for weather along I80?

    Thanks again!

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    For weather, is as good as any. For up to date road conditions, I use It has a clickable map that will take you to each state's site.

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    Great...thank you Gic!

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    I'm also moving...we will be packing up the ABF U-Pack trailer Wednesday. Should take about five/six hours starting at 9am. This is going to throw off my start time to be on the road. If I get on the road by 3-4pm, where would be a good initial stop for the night and then my stops based on that for the rest of the trip??

    Thank you so much! Your help is so appreciated!

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    Default Flexibility

    If you get on the road at your projected time, you could probably shoot for Reno for your first night. But if you get on the road, a little later or you are just tired from all the packing, that you might only make it to Susanville.

    In a best case situation, where you make it to Reno the first night, and get comfortable being on the Road you could still try to cover the distance in 6 days (5 from Reno).

    Your stops would be Salt Lake City, Ogallala NE, Iowa City, and Sandusky OH. (You could also potentially still do this starting from Susanville)

    If you only make it to Susansville and/or take a slower pace you could be looking at West Wendover NV, Laramie WY, Lincoln NE, Joliet IL, and Youngstown OH.

    And keep in mind, as these are just suggestions and ideas. Stay flexible and see how you feel. You don't have to have a specific stop in mind every night, you can wait until you are on the road and have a better idea of how you are feeling before you decide on that night's stop.

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    You don't have to have a specific stop in mind every night, you can wait until you are on the road and have a better idea of how you are feeling before you decide on that night's stop.
    However, having 2 dogs and a cat can be very limiting here. I might spend the night in a local hotel and get an early start in the morning with your stops all planned out. You are going to be pretty tired after several hours of loading a trailer. Reno is going to be at least a 4 hour drive.

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