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    Default Oregon to Florida roadtrip ADVISE!

    Me and my boyfriend are moving to florida in May.
    we're thinking a week should be good time to get there.
    We're going to be staying at campsites to save money!!

    so heres the plan in its simplest form:
    Day 1: Oregon to Idaho; 532 miles; 9-10 hours driving
    Day 2: Idaho to Wyoming; 643 miles; 10-11 hours driving
    Day 3: Wyoming to Missouri; 611 miles; 10- 11 hours driving
    Day 4: Missouri to Tennessee; 600 miles; 10- 11 hours driving
    Day 5: Tennessee to Georgia; 477 miles; 7-8 hours driving
    Day6: Georgia to Florida; 302 miles; 5-6 hours

    i just wanted to know if anyone had advise about long distance driving.
    i've read we should switch off every 3-4 hours and take turns driving.
    Is 10 hours a day driving too much??

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    Default The difference a day makes.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Whereas driving 10 hours a day is possible, it gets a little old after 3 or 4 days of doing so. The other thing is that a few of your days are going to be nearing the 12 hour point with the appropriate rest breaks. Add an hour or so to that in the morning for a shower and breakfast and to break down camp and a couple of hours the other end to put it up and have an evening meal, wash up and unwind and they are getting into long days.

    If you can spare an extra day and make a couple of easier days in the middle of your trip I would take, it will make a big difference to the overall experience. If not, I would perhaps consider having a longer first and last day and easing up on the pace in the middle a little.

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    Default pretty good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    10 hours a day isn't too much to do in a day, but it is up near the most we'd recommend. Especially when you factor in camping, that will require a little more time to get to a site, and set-up and tear down, when compared to motel travel.

    600 miles is about the farthest you can get in 10 hours, so I would consider scaling back days 2-4 just a little bit, and planning to go a little farther on your last two days. That will even things out a bit, plus, it could give you a chance to see a few more things that are farther from your new home - as you get towards the Florida, you can skip some things and make plans to see them again at a later date.

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    thank you so much! after reading ur replys, i wrote up a new plan (adding an extra day)

    DAY1: Portland,OR to Heyburn,ID; 594 miles, 10 hr
    DAY2: Heyburn, ID to Rawlin, WY; 429 miles, 7-8 hr
    DAY3: Rawlin, WY to North Platte, NE; 367 miles, 5-6 hr
    DAY4: North Platte, NE to Columbia, MO; 546 miles, 8-9 hr
    DAY5: Columbia, MO to Metropolis, IL; 290 miles, 5 hr
    DAY6:Metropolis, IL to Savannah, GA; 641 miles; 10-11 hr
    DAY7: Savannah, GA to Kissimmee, FL; 302 miles; 5 hr.

    Day 1 & 6 are the long days!!!
    tell me what you think :D

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    It looks a lot more reasonable although your drive times may be a little optimistic in places, but still perfectly doable. Any reason for Metropolis ? You could even things out there a little, perhaps stopping in Nashville.[?]

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